I regret going to Aspen Dental very much. Wish I had paid more attention to all the bad reviews I had read and ignored.

They definitely use high pressure sales tactics to get you into some big bills fast. Don't worry though because they have you signed up for a credit card before you know what is happening. I should have stopped things right there but I wasn't that smart. Over my approximately 15 visits I saw 5 or 6 different dentists.

They just get anyone in they can for any amount of time they can. No one seems to actually work for Aspen. Some things went fine such as cleaning, fillings, basics. Bridge prep left me in horrible pain.

I kept returning and they would look and say I was fine. One dentist woman practically accused me of just being there to get drugs. She very begrudgingly gave me a script for ibuprofen which I was already taking anyway so it was worthless. Over 3 weeks I took all of that script plus a 500 count bottle of extra strength ibuprofen, and then some more from another bottle.

Finally after getting my bridges put in the pain went away. When getting one bridge adjusted I mentioned a little bit of pain when biting and instantly had a script for Vicodin thrown in my lap. Of course I didn't need it at that point. After all this and many visits to adjust one of the 2 bridges I am left with a very reduced ability to chew on one side.

The last few times I stopped in they said there's no problems with it, touched it for a second with a drill, and sent me out. I can not *** down on it. My real teeth on the other side are full of "mountains and valleys" while the bridge is nearly flat. Seems to me that is the problem.

I really wish I could sue them for a partial refund (some work is acceptable) but I do not know how to do anything like that. All I can do is tell everyone I know to stay away and pay my credit card bill.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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