Albany, New York

I went to Aspen Dental, Niskayuna, NY for a deep cleaning. They just opened at this location. I was excited to have a dentist office so close to home. However, it turned out to be an disappointment. The billing Admin deliberately did not show me the detail of all the charges. He just said your treatment costs this much out of pocket and I signed a piece of paper aknowledge I owed them that much for the treatment. He did not tell me that the toothbrush they gave me to take home cost me $150 out of pocket, and that it is not covered by insurance, and that I could elect not to get it. When the Hygienist gave the toothbrush to me, I asked her how much it costs me; she said that it costs nothing because it is part of the treatment. Later on when I received their bill and compared it to my insurance EOB, that when I realized I was tricked in buying the toothbrush I did not want.

Lesson learn for me: ask them to itemize all the charges, if they don't show me, then walk out of their office immediately.

The Billing Admin failed to do his job. I hope he learned the lesson before he gets enough complaints and gets fired.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

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A representative from Aspen Dental contacted me and reconciled my complaint.


How do you know that she didn't take care of her teeth? Shut up.

You have no clue.

Some people have bad teeth through genetics, and develop problems no matter how well they take care of them. Know-it-all.

John N

I suspect they thought your insurance company was going to pick up the tab for the "toothbrush" you got from them. It did not and thus you get to pay, or should I say over-pay for this "toothbrush." This is an old scam---the dentist tells you the insurance company will pay but suspects or knows it will not and the dentist doesn't care anyway as you will end up with the charge.

For a very, very over-priced tootbrush. By the way, use a manual toothbrush. Much safer and just as good if used properly and at least twice per day. You obviously did not take care of your teeth.

But, that's how we learn. Also, find another, more reputable dentist.