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I had all teeth pulled didnt feel a thing excellent dentist finance department was right on the penny now the bad is the guy making the dentures does not apply pride in his work dont care they looked like hacked crap and they call them comfilights more like scrap and look in far back teeth out of line and just crap and there is a pic how they are suppose to look got to go some where elese have them remade

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have constructed thousands of dentures in my career and cannot conclude anything from your photos. Look like most dentures.

Of course they don't look like a drawing. Patients' mouths are all different and the dimensions of the teeth and base material varies tremendously. You think the dentures of a 90 pound Vietnamese lady and an NFL linebacker should look the same?A joint like Aspen use the cheapest lab techs they can. You expect premium dentures from this outfit.But here is a fact you won't like.

The flexible material they make their ComfyCr@p dentures out of does not chemically bond to denture teeth. Denture teeth come out fairly regularly, and there is no good way to make them stick in again.You seem to think Aspen is a great place and the only problem is sloppy lab techs. The opposite is true. Aspen is a scummy corporate operation and the underpaid lab techs are doing the best they can given the poor conditions they work under.If you wanted a good denture, Aspen is the LAST place you should have gone.

Extracting all teeth was a big mistake also. It makes a world of difference to have only two tooth roots that dentures fit over.

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