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I went to Aspen Dental in Leominster MA because I lost a crown off of a bridge. I had the crown reglued by my former dentist in May of 2018.

The crown fell out again. I went to Aspen and they did xrays of the lost crown and the 3 other molars involved in the bridge on the upper left side. They told me that the bridge and the 3 teeth needed to be pulled plus one other molar on the right side because the teeth had decayed. (I was not experiencing any pain but was nervous about the bridge coming off because of losing the anchor crown.

They had me seen by the hygenist and when I was finished with the consult I had a $12,000.00 plan to fix my teeth. This included crowns in my front teeth, scraping my gums ect ect ect. Mind you I have been seeing my dentist for cleanings ect. I have dental insurance.

I came home and thought about it for a day and then cancelled the appt. I had read reviews on Aspen at this location and there were many neg reviews. I should have gotten a second opinion. However I gave it some thought and figuered why would they lie to me?

Pretty stupid. I called back and made the appt for the extractions. That was 4 days ago. They took 3 molars on the left and one on the right.

They told me that they would put a partial in so that I could chew. No partial that day. I was there from 2pm until almost 5pm and in pain from the extractions. They were so over booked.

I sat in the waiting room in pain and asked them if they could put the partial in the next day for which I had an Appt for post op. They said that would be fine. I went to the appt the next day and sat in the chair for a good 45 min before I was seen. I Then asked why it was taking so long, and was told that the lab was polishing the partial.

Another 20 minutes and the dentist came in with the partial which did not fit and was so painful when she put it in my mouth. I was told to wear it during the day so I could chew. I left with the partial and an Appt for January 9th for another partial?? I came home and tried so hard for this partial to work for me.

It didnt come close to fitting my mouth. It moved all over the place. I could not begin to chew with it. I finally took it off after hours of trying to make it work.

I then spent the next night and day in extreme pain. I dont trust this establishment. I now have no molars in my upper mouth to chew with. I am 64 years old and have spent thousands of dollars on my teeth so that I will have them in my senior years.

I will go to my Appt on the 9th and see what they come up with. I dont have a lot of faith at this point but dont have a lot of choices.

At this point I realize I should have gotten a 2nd opinion. Hard lesson to learn

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I feel your pain, as well as my wife! I have never heard of such incompetence from a company.

Unfortunately, I wad mistaken on how many years my wife had her dentures from Aspen Dental.

It was actually only a little over 2 years and 5 teeth have been replaced! That's just not right!


You can't make a partial that would fit right after molars are pulled. No way!

There has to be a lot of time for healilng first- preferably at least 3 months. The first thing to do is demand x-rays of those molars before they were removed. You have a right to copies of those x-rays. Then take those x-rays to a COMPETENT INDEPENDENT dentist and see if he says the teeth could have been saved.

If so, go after that A$pen dentist by a board of dentistry complaint. Denstist fear boards of dentistry, even though Aspen doesn't. The Dental Boards can't do a thing against the crooked investors and executives that run Aspen, because they don't have professional licenses to take away. Aspen operates as it does by corrupting young dentists into participating in money-grubbing scams.

If young dentists realize it is just to risky to work for crooks, Aspen will crash and burn. In the future, remember that any health professional that has to advertise on TV and radio to get enough patients is almost certainly a crook.