Vienna, Virginia
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Kat at the front desk is great at her job all over. I have a lot of Health Issues and they have always been very Accommodating and Caring.

I am not good with names but the Doctor that pulled my teeth did a great job but one of my teeth was being a pill so i had to go to the Surgeon for that one. That Doctor also does my Dentures and they have been great when i needed to come back in to get then Adjusted. i had to call them Yesterday because they broke and i went in to day and got them fixed in just a couple of hours it was Great i have a Family get together and i needed my teeth lol. I also look the good Doctor that has been doing my crown work and his Beautiful African American Assistant is great and has a great smile too.

I tell anyone that needs a Dental woke to go to them. Thank you all for your great work.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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All this praise and you gave them a two star review?!?! You realize your praise will be counted as another complaint, as this is a consumer complaint forum?