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I'd give a couple to a few stars for pulling teeth, cleaning teeth, x-rays, etc, but, for the love of everything holy, do NOT go here for dentures. I finally walked out with a set because I had to, I have no choice at this point, I am almost 10 months in to it and my temporary set has actually broke so I settled for a pair but what I did leave with is in no way a quality product, they are ill fitting and no way will I ever be able to eat with them without a serious amount of adhesive at all times, they are very loose, and very, very lopsided on the bite.

I will more than likely have another dentist get me in soon to give me a quality set, ones that I can actually feel good about, ones that I can comfortably eat with. I am absolutely defeated under the process. I cant call out of work anymore, this was supposed to be a 6 month process, so even going to somebody else will have to wait, hence the reason I left with these awful fitting dentures. If you have care credit, good credit, cash on hand, etc, go somewhere else for dentures.

I cannot stress that enough.

Additionally, watch them on billing. They tried to over bill me $1800. My initial plan they set up came in at $6,100. When I initially signed the plan I realized when I got home online they were showing much of the procedures and the dentures cheaper on their website.

I called about that and was told there were no "coupons" applied when they quoted me and drew up my plan. They applied some "coupons" and knocked it down $1800 for a revised plan totaling $4258.00. This was all done over the phone with the office manager.

Something made me have them email me that newer plan over after talking to him and thank goodness I did. 6 months in I was in for an appointment and I was called over and told I had an amount I needed to pay and she was showing me the original $6,100 plan.

When I pointed out that she was looking at the old plan and that I had called in and got discounts applied she all but called me a liar. I let her know I did that with the office manager over the phone and she insisted I was wrong, that this was the plan I owed. It so happened that Carson was out that day. She was Incredibly condescending too, even said, I don't know how much more it can be knocked down, we already reduced it by 30% (obviously a lie, lol) and was just so snarky about it.

I was trying to pull up that email and because it was 6 months prior I was having problems pulling it up quickly on my phone, I was thinking it was actually auto deleted because it was such an old email. I sat there dumbfounded and I told her just to forget about my bottom partial then, that I needed to stay within that $4500 budget. I then went in the back to wait on my appointment and I was actually able to pull up that old email on my phone, it had not auto deleted, I was able to show it to her in PDF format with all of the coupon disc.'s applied, so, I did get my negotiated rate that was done with the office manager, but, no apology whatsoever, still incredibly snarky to me in her comments, etc. WATCH THE BILLING CLOSELY.

Also, when they give you a "plan" compare it to the prices they are showing online, that's the whole reason I called, I wasn't getting those prices on my plan.

As an example, my plan showed my top denture at $1793 and online it showed $1255 and stated "was" $1793, "now" $1255. Every procedure was like that, my extractions, my cleaning, everything. My plan showed an extraction was $141 but online it said "was" $141, "now" $98.

Every single solitary procedure was like that. Once they applied everything appropriately it came down by $1800.

Fortunately for me i'm incredibly crafty and artistic and have a dremel, it took me a few days but I got them at a minimum not lopsided, just go to an established neighborhood dentist if you are in a position to, these people have no business making dentures.

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Do you REALLY want to go to a dentist that operates with coupons, like buying Hamburger Helper at Kroger? Can you imagine presenting a hospital a coupon for 10% off coronary bypass operations?

Health care is different. Come up with an honest price for a procedure, and stick with it. None of these bogus high prices discounted down. That is plain dishonest.

I put a fantastic upper denture in a patient's mouth. So realistic, you cannot tell it is a denture. It cost me an arm and a leg in my labor and lab fees. There is a world of difference between dentures like this a junk you get from Aspen and Affordable dentures.

Expect to pay $1600-2000 PER DENTURE for top-notch dentures. Cheap buys you inferior dentures.

Unfortunately, at A$pen, expensive also buys you cheap dentures. You might be "incredibly crafty" with a Dremel, but without a dye marker and Pressure indicating paste, you cannot know exactly where to grind on the denture, nor how to make it super smooth after you finish grinding.


Well yeah, hindsight, hence the reason i'm here, lol. and of course I can't as a layman make a quality denture, I never claimed I was going to be able to, but it dang sure fits better after I went after it for a little bit.

I was not trying to produce anything, just trying to work with this mess I have to not have a lopsided smile until I can get in to see somebody that can make me a quality set. I have already made an appointment to see another dentist in my area, I dont even care that I will have to pay again, I wouldnt step foot back in there to even have them attempt to get me a quality product, they had 10 months to do so, 6 months of it of course was my gums healing, but they had 4 months to get a set that was not a horrible mess which is unfortunately what I got.


FYI, when you have the new set made, if the dentist does not take any shortcuts, it will take 5 appointments to get the dentures in your mouth, plus several more for adjustments. These 5 appointments are usually spread out over a month and a half.

It takes time to do right. Time costs money.

A great thing is to bring quality photos of your smile when you were in your prime. That way the dentist can model the denture off your original teeth, and not the set some idiot who was rushed working for Aspen made for you.