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I had a toothache and I couldn't wait to my scheduled appointment with my dentist. I went to Aspen to try to get my pain resolved as soon as possible.

The staff was very nice, but the dentist's recommendations were highly unnecessary. He wanted to pull the infected tooth, and the one behind it. He said there was no medication he could prescribe for me. I said I would be willing to remove the infected tooth, but I didn't feel we needed to do two extractions.

He said he would not perform the procedure unless I agreed to two extractions. I opted out of the procedure, and waited two more days to see my usual dentist. He said I had an abscess and gave me amoxicillin to help with the issue. My tooth felt better the next day.

Please do not go here if possible, and don't just accept what they tell you. I was in agony in their office, mainly because they had the AC extremely on high which just aggravated my tooth. And to all those people who have all the answers, people do the best they can with their lives.

You can have reg check-ups with your dentist and still have an issue that requires immediate attention. Stay safe everyone, and please don't go to Aspen unless it's a dire emergency, and don't just agree to their recommendations.

Reason of review: Poor solutions offered.

Preferred solution: Focus on customer and not pocket book..

Aspen Dental Pros: Polite staff.

Aspen Dental Cons: Overcharge customers, And give bad advice.

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Thank you for a good analysis of Aspen's buffoonery, and pertinent advice as well. You sound like an intelligent person that almost fell into an Aspen trap.

Some of the loser dentists Aspen hires lost their DEA license and can no longer prescribe drugs.

That is the only explanation I can think of as to why you were not offered pain reliever and an antibiotic. The two most commonly overprescribed treatments at Aspen are deep cleanings and extractions.


Don't even go to aspen dental in a dire emergency. Aspen loves nothing better than to get a patient to sign for expensive rippoff work when pain is forcing the decision.


It is hard to think about money cost when you just want a toothache to quit.