I went to Aspen Dental because of swelling in gums and pain from gums rubbing against each other while my dentures are out overnight. While sitting in waiting room, office manager tells me there is still an issue with my insurance and I have a balance of $700.

She is sitting at the reception desk while saying this to me in front of other patients. Once I see the dentist for my pain, she can't tell me why I have inflammation. I am still swollen and in pain! I feel like I am stuck and have nowhere to go.

I have spent over $9,000 at Aspen and should not have to be in pain or not get any answers for the cause of pain. If they can't find the answer they just send you on your way, but have no problem reminding you how much $ you owe them1

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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To Steve: why are they making you walk around with only temporary top plates on so long? I understand it sometimes takes 6 months or so to get the permanent dentures in and seated, but why did they not give you a temporary bottom plate also?

Did they get your money and hang you out to dry? Or am i missing something here?


At the time of my impressions for my perm dentures, I am told that I may not get a perfect fit on the bottom and can get implants! I think I have spent enough money and have lost all confidence that my permanent dentures will fit or be comfortable.


I am still in the process of getting my temporary set of dentures. Started in september now in march.

Still walking around with only top denture which doesn't fit good either. They got me a loan at over 8 000! I'm not impressed to say the least .

I don't even care what they look like ! I just want to be able to eat!!!

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