I went to Aspen Dental because I needed to find a dentist that had payment options, since my insurance sucks. When I went in for the cleaning/ check up, I walked out 3 hours later with a $3,000 credit care plan, extensive x rays, and a diagnosis of periodontal disease. The hygienist informed me that if I didn't exacerbate over my dental hygiene at home and get all of these costly treatments that my teeth would fall out and said that the roots were already damaged.

I having never been scammed by a medical doctor believed her and worked very hard at perfecting the art of home dental care, I also bought the recommended spinning toothbrush because "vibrating brushes" are evil.

When I went back for the second appointment she stated that what I did was not good enough and proceeded to do root planning and antibiotic shots to my gums. As she explained it...this would be a lifetime of maintenance. I stopped going because I felt that they were rude and disrespectful. I would treat an animal with more courtesy.

A year later I found myself at a small, private dentist. They found NO SIGNS of GUM disease and my teeth were healthy and strong- root to tip.

When I stopped going to Aspen, they stopped billing me and immediately filed collections with affected my credit. Don't fall pray to the lure of their "accommodating financial options." The walls were covered with periodontal disease posters and they filed people in and out like cattle selling them everything from spinning toothbrushes to a full set of new chompers!!!

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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