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3 months ago i had all my upper teeth removed and got a full upper denture. They destroyed my gums during extraction causing not just a sinus peferation but a massive hole in my face, they then 6 weeks later without checking to see if it was healed gave me a soft liner, the material penetrated under my gums ( a lot of it) and.

Cured to the exposed bone. My gums have grown over the material but the sinus perferation will not heal unless i have surgery. I have seen a sugeron who has said this. They want me to pay another 1000 bucks to fix their mistake.

I have been in the office 5 times complaining and the doctor keeps saying im wrong and sending me home even though a surgeon says im right. I continue to get very painful infections because of the forgin material in my gums.

And i have been trying for a month now to speak with any kind of managment but they continue to dodge me and dismiss my complaints saying i need to pay to fix their mistake even though they are at fault. This is the lima ohio locatiom

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Lima, Ohio or Lima, Peru- A$pen scammers with be A$pen scammers. Big mistake having all your teeth removed.

Bigger by far mistake selecting a chop shop like A$pen to do the dirty deed. Sounds like you got a good case of mistreatment. But remember this- no matter how good a case you have got, collecting the money is another thing entirely. A$pen organized crime syndicate executives say they have no responsibility for the serf-dentists' treatment.

Of course they don't want to talk to you or return your calls. They just want you to get lost and leave them alone. After all, they already got your money. What do they need you for?

And the poor young serf-dentists who work at A$pen have little assets to seize in any court settlement. Can't get blood from turnips.

Best pay to let an honest independent dentist or oral surgeon to correct the mess. Chalk this up to a learning experience.


Find a local dentist in private practice and book an exam for him to see what's going on. Relying on Aspen is a waste of time.


That's the plan of action. Super frustrated with this situation


You're getting blown off because your feeble attempts at calling are not going to resolve this. This situation is way beyond calling and having a rational discussion ending in resolution with people who don't care or are instructed to dodge liability at all cost.

Everything must be conducted in writing and served via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested. You should get at least one more opinion in addition to the surgeon and get the problem fixed before it gets even more unhealthy for you.