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I MISTAKENLY financed what I was told would not be covered by my dental insurance company. My dental work began a couple of months before Covid-19 pandemic hit halting all work.

Now first I need to say, Aspen Dental in Lake Wales, Florida Off Hwy 27 received up front, $3988.80 from Comenity/DentalFirstFinancing. Aspen Dental not only billed my insurance company for work being done, I also had to pay on the $3988.80 each month, $102.00. Ummmm, double-billing. When I talked to Dental First, I requested to see a statement not of how much was owed but for what SERVICES Aspen Dental was billing for.

Dental First said they do no get that information from Aspen Dental. They receive only charges. Now may I add, Comenity Dental First Financing are exclusive to Aspen Dental ONLY. This entity of Comenity Bank does not work with any other Dental organization.

IT IS A DECEPTIVE way of doing business. DO NOT FINANCE with Comenity DentalFirstFinancing through ANY OF THE ASPEN DENTAL OFFICES. So, here is my breakdown, X-rays, fillings, cleaning x2. Aspen dental billed my insurance company for all those services to which I have exceeded my deductions and need to wait for insurance renewal in January, 2021, before they will pay anymore towards my dental work or pay I would have to out of pocket.

In addition, of the $3988.80 Aspen Dental in Lake Wales, Florida, only $2997.80 was credited to Comenity. And that credit was after SEVERAL frustrating phone calls to Aspen Dental of Lake Wales and talking to Brandi, the "office manager" who sets up your personal program. With credit, I am left owing $700. due to my having made payments for 3+ months of which I will again have to dispute.

Aspen Dental billed my insurance company for every service they provided to me so what was $1000.00+ kept by Aspen Dental?? I now have to cross-reference every statement from my dental insurance company, which I have, tally up the cost, and fight for what is owed. Aspen Dental of Lake Wales Florida fraudulently double-bills and gets away with it because ComenityDentalFirstFinancing "does not, conveniently know what it is they are billing for, only how much".

To all out there....DO NOT GET SUCKED IN BY ASPEN DENTAL FINANCING SCAM!!!!!! Aspen Dental Offices and ComenityDentalFirstFinancing have a nice way of screwing people over!!


Monetary Loss: $991.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aspen Dental Pros: Friendly staff untill you ask for a refund.

Aspen Dental Cons: Office and billing staff.

Location: 24185 Highway 27, Lake Wales, FL 33859

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Go to crooks for dental treatment instead of real dentists, and you will get treated crookedly. Nothing surprising about that.

No honest dentist charges up front for all dental work that will be done in the future. We bill it out as we are done. Usually we give a discount if the total treatment charge is paid up front. We also recommend honest lenders if the patient HAS TO borrow money.

The Aspen corporate bank account is like a Black Hole in deep space. It sucks in every dollar that comes close to it, and there is no force in the universe that can pry it back out. Maybe a lawyer can help you, but I doubt it.

Because you chose a sleazy corporate joint rather than a regular practice owned by a dentist, your state dental board can do nothing to help you. Really got yourself in a pickle!

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