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My first appointment to have 5 remaing teeth pulled at aspen was oct 30 2018 . Upon arrival i noticed that eveyone working there was dressed up for halloween Looking back since then its been almost 9 months the the title that best fits this story is NIGHTMARE AT ASPEN DENTAL.

Today is July 16 l Arrived at aspen as scheduled 10:30 am after probing in two locations on my upper right gum xrays were taken and the dentist successfully extracted the pieces of teeth left over from the extractions previously made by aspen on oct 30 2018 that were causing pain while wearing dentures. The first solution offered in the final attempt on the second set dentures just before partial refund was to cut away some of the denture which they did on the left upper that only made it fall out easier. I had mis placed the upper and did not have it on the day l requested a refund. So the amount of $2,200 was subtracted fromthe 5k originally paid.

After that l went to another dentist and had a complete set made in one day that fit and look just fine. The only exception being the two spots that the teeth pieces that were sticking out of the gums were rubing that were removed by aspen today. I had the dental surgeon down the street xray and verify that pieces of teeth were still in there upon examination for implants. When l tried to explain to dentist casandra who is no longer with aspen and who originally broke off the teeth that l could still feel pieces in my gum she said that it was only bone fragments that would work themselves out and that l would get used to it.

When the upper denture from aspen and the upper from the new set l just had made are compared the difference in quality and fit are obvious. For one thing the aspen upper is missing two teeth and the right side shoots off in a straight line from the eye tooth passing outside of the natural curve of the jaw. The whole radius of the arc is approx 3/16 wider. Distorting my face giving a skeleton skull head look when i smiled.

The 5k originally paid l was told covered all associated costs and the teeth in the second set of dentures could be used for implants and l was guaranteed satisfaction within six months or money back. I had to cover two seperate fees of $80 for another dentist to come to aspen and examine me during that time. Plus xrays and office visit from the surgeon down the street $250. Plus $1,350 for the denture l recently had made that fit perfectly except for the two pieces of teeth that aspen removed today for $350.

The worst pain l suffered was not physical it was from not having teeth for my long planned daughters recent wedding and there is no price on that. If aspen dental would like to resolve this matter l am not trying to get them to buy my new dentures. l will be happy if they would honor their original agreement now that l have found the missing upper denture l will gladly return and they will inturn give me the balance of my original $5,000 deposit which is $2 200 plus the $350 I spent there today in confidence and l will keep coming back to aspen dental because all the employees there love wylde bIll and wylde bill loves them too. Besides that in 62 years on this planet l have never had to bring a lawsuit to any one and do not wish to start now.

I also have faith that aspen dental will do what they know is right especially when it comes to keeping their word despite the technicality of temporarily lost denture. One final note when i first found the denture i reported to aspen back in may l was turned down because the acct was closed all l said then was that may be but the pieces of teeth left in my moth were still open. I am sending pictures of the two dentures mentioned above. This is my offer l will return the missing upper denture for $2,500.

I will take care of all other mention cost incurred by me and the aspen dental final review from me will be one of the most courteous employees and customer service excellence to resolve any problems. Sincerely

William Williamson

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: I will return upper denture and Aspen dental refund $2,500.

Aspen Dental Cons: Rough work resulting in pain during visit.

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When bone fragments surface, which can happen, any honest dentist removes them for free as part of post-op care included in the price of extraction. Aspen Dental- a one-stop chop shop!


We frequently leave out premolar teeth and use larger denture teeth. That is no big deal.

But I agree with you, the straight line of the back teeth instead of an arc is rather stupid. By the way, no one can make a good denture in one day, unless you are the only patient and you stay at the office for a long 12 hour day. If no shortcuts are taken, dentures usually take 5 visits to get in the mouth, and about 3 more visits for adjustments.

Making dentures is an art and a science, and takes years to get good at. Little to no chance a young dentist fresh out of school, forced to use Aspen's crummy lab, will be able to produce acceptable dentures.


Man, that picture really show aspen dental's shoddy work and don'tgiveashit attitude. Funny how the dentist who started the case hauled butt shortly after your visit. Oh yeah, aspen's denture techs don't care either.


Cheap *** denture teeth from China too.