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I purchased my son a set of dentures after a multitude of dental problems. I paid $8000.

About two months in a tooth fell out of the denture. He lost a day of work getting it repaired and when he first arrived was told they couldnt fix it that day because the person who did repair was not in , he got angry, then suddenly they could fix them that day and they did. The lady there told him the uppers are just for show you should not bite with them Isnt that what your teeth are for??? To eat.

About 2 weeks later while eating pizza he lost a different tooth , and swallowed it . He recovered it , sterilized it and took another day off work. Well what a surprise when the repair person is not there. Another guy comes to the desk and says he will fix them.

My son goes back later and it literally looks like they took a blob of hot glue and stuck the tooth in . Glue oozing everywhere. Well $8000 later he has faulty made , glue showing , *** tooth dentures.

I have made no less than about 30 calls to the offices and corporate. See you all in court!!

P.s after they glued the tooth that had gone through his digestive system back in , they said they could of used a spare they had in the office, well why didnt you say that before you glued the *** tooth back in?

User's recommendation: Never go here.

Location: New Port Richey, Florida

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Aspen's Comfy-junk dentures are made out of flexible nylon-like material. Teeth to not bond to it and they fall out easily.

This is the reason no one except Aspen uses this junk for full denture construction. Thought you would get a real deal going to a slimy joint like Aspen, didn't you?

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