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after going to 2 differnt offices being told 3 times they cant pull my tooth i finaly had to THROW A FIT to get it pulled they quoted me a price of$90 to pull the tooth and $2000 to replace my partial, i told them i cant affored that right now but will have the tooth pulled 3hrs later they pulled it and charged me $245 i was to sick and upset to argue with them, earlier that day the office manager told me i have 2 choices do what she said, come back some other day or go some place else i had to call the complaint line yesturday they told her to get me in and take care of me i returned today at 11:30 today thats when she told me she is not going to treat me ever and i was to leave and go some place else, thats when i THREW MY FIT i was in extreem pain, finaly the dental hignist help me settled the office manager down and i got the tooth pulled at least 10 other people in the waiting room and some who were leaveing also were complaining about the LACK OF SERVICE and un professional maner in which they were treated. I AM 70 YRS OLD and have never been treats so badly by any business they today. ASPEN DENTAL NEEDS TO CLOSE UP AND GO AWAY darushlow1@yahoo.com

Monetary Loss: $155.

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I hear this *** dental chain is bringing their corporate greed to New Mexico now.

This state has been inundated with corp chains looking to cash

In on our 26% medicaid eligible population and rip off medicaid.

We have many well intended dentists in our state and we will

Not be "chained" into poor dental care driven by corporate thiefs.


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