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about 10 years ago i went to aspen dental in orange,ct. my treatment plan was to extract several teeth on both upper and lower leaving specific good teeth to be used as anchors for the partial dentures.molds were taken and temporary partials were made to be inserted immeadiately after the extractions.long story short on the lowers they did what they were supposed yo do.

but on the uppers they extracted the tooth directly behind the bad tooth that they were supposed to extract but instead left.they pulled a good tooth and left the bad tooth.dr. dietz was the oral surgeon that made the error,and he darn well knows beyond and doubt at all that he made a mistake.of course now the upper partial does not fit at all cuz of this error so they just cut off the area that does not fit,put it in and send me on my way.now the uppers will not stay in non can i eat with them so i ask them to correct the problem that dr. dietz caused. their answer,what problem?mind u as i left the office i in no uncertain terms made them aware that i knew dr.dietz pulled the wrong tooth.i mean the pre-made teeth themselves prove it by themselves no?oh,not so they say.

remember that they cut off the part that would prove it and of course they did not save it.no problem right? after all they still have the mould.well of course the mould is missing,and this is the very next day mind you. is it just me or does someone else some RATS here.aspen dental would never admit dr.dietz'error nor compensate me at all for it.so my choice was to sue them but i could not afford what the lawyers wanted,5k retainer just to start,so they got away with malpractice.i suffered with those teeth for 2 full years before i was able to pay to correct a problem that dr.dietz of aspen dental created.you would think a national dental practice like aspen dental would just step up to the plate and correct the problem that their oral surgeon caused at their own expense would'nt you? and maybe even give me a few bucks for my being screwed by them?

forget it. denie,denie,denie,thats all they ever did,and im not only talking about the orange,ct office but im speaking about aspen dental corporate in syracuse,new york as well. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. if any thing at all goes wrong THEY WILL DENIE,DENIE,DENIE.

and you will be left with whatever it is that they did to you trying to get your hands on 5k as a retainer for an attorney. dont forget,it will really cost you 25k by the time and 5to10 years the case will take. and aspen dental knows this.

those who call the shots at aspen dental are truely low life ***. ks54uuur

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

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Never heard of these people. Best to not go to a large dental office with many offices anyway.

Too risky, as you seem to have found out.

In any event, you should have filed a complaint with your state's dental board. Or, sue them in small claims court.

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