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I went to the Brighton Michigan office,my appointment was at 1:45 finally called back at 2:45 X-ray tech was great. The Dentist comes in and looks at X-rays,looks at my mouth and says you have gum disease and all your teeth need to be pulled.

He got up yo leave and said the office manager would be in to explain the rest,waited for another hour for her she had me follow her to her office where she explained how this was going to cost 7,000 dollars and the dentist would give me shots to pull all my teeth at once and I needed to get started soon. I thought I would vomit before I got to my car. None of my teeth were loose except one which is why I went to the dentist to begin with and I have know for years that I have gum desease. This was on a Friday went to get 2ed opinion on Monday.

Thank God I did as the other Dentist said no way do you pull teeth when they are rock solid. Money making franchise not concerned about people at all.DO NOT GO THERE!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Manager.

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Topeka, Kansas, United States #868204

You have to remember that the origin of this sleazy dental chain was a high-volume denture mill.

Old habits are hard to break. Now supposedly a full service dental chain, but operating illegally under state practice law, their bread and butter is still ripping teeth out of patients' mouths and constructing mediocre dentures and partials.

You only need to read a few of the other 933 posts about this outfit on this website to see how smart you were to walk away.

So far, only the Pennsylvania attorney general has successfully gone after them.

We hope state Boards of Dentistry around the country can codify dental practice ownership better in state law. Then corporations like this can be shut down, and their victimization of patients finally be put to a stop.

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