Trust me the employees myself included because I currently work there hate it just As much ! Aspen altogether is just wrong it's all about money and the treats there patients like they do there employees as numbers . It's awful long hours little pay unethical wrong fillings doctors wrong teeth being taking out just all together wrong it's awful I come home everyday and I cry dont come get treatment done or work there I begging you, it awful they ruin people mouths and smiles I love dental bug not my job at all its go go I do what I do because I love people but at aspen you dont get the previlage of talking to them because they over book we run our *** off you'll be there fur an hour waiting to be seen of the doctor

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Got 1 better for u I was in the valpo in. Office and 1 of the employess got arrested at the job she had 2 warrants and they took her how safe is tht her around all our information


So...quit and work somewhere else? I used to be a nurse before I became disabled, and if the facility I worked for had unethical business practices or violated patients' quality of care, etc, I'd be out of there and the Department of Health would be getting a phone call.


I wish I would have read these comments before I went to these people.

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