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Had a tooth extracted this past Thursday. On Sunday in excruciating pain & called the after hour line.

After 8 hours of calling & being told I would hear back from someone in 20 min each time, no one ever called me back. Suffered all day & night. Went into the office Monday morning they stuck a q-tip of clove oil in the hole for 2 min. Gave me more pain pills & said it would get better.

The oil only helped the pain for 2 hours. Continued taking more pain pills & called again the following morning (today). Was told now they are out of the oil/paste they normally give for dry sockets & call back at the end of the week. I asked if I could pick some up from another Aspen Dental & said they will charge you if you do.

I asked for the office manager to call me back & she stated its a policy you have to wait 48 hours after being seen for a dry socket for them to help you with it again because it delays it healing. This is not true & very cruel & inhumane way to treat your patients in severe pain. I dont want to continue shoving pain pills down my throat when there is a much safer option by giving the paste or clove oil that all other practices give their patients with dry sockets. I contacted other Aspen Dental locations & they said it was not a policy.

I fly out of town this evening for Christmas & Aspen Dental is making excuses not to give me what I need because they are out of stock.

I would never wish this pain & experience on another person. I will report it to all appropriate boards & chamber of commerce.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The protocol for treating dry socket is:

1. Numb the patient.


Irrigate all affected root sockets to clear out the necrotic remains of the clot.

3. Inject a dry socket paste DEEP within the root sockets.

4. Repeat every 1-3 days.

Usually two or three irrigations and paste applications are necessary. Sometimes it takes as many as TEN!

In A$pen's SSS (Smart Scheduling Software) dry socket treatments are a no-charge procedure and appointments for it are blocked unless there are no revenue producing procedures.

This was disclosed in a 2013 patient class action lawsuit against the company. The truth of the matter is these private equity vultures don't really care how much pain you are in after they have gotten your money.

to Seasoned Dentist #1407370

Oh wow! Thank you for this information.

I posted my complaint on Twitter & immediately Aspen Dental responded they are sorry this happened, customer service #1 for us, etc. Cookie cutter response. 20 min later the location I went too called & said they have a syringe with some paste in it waiting for me at the front desk & a script for Motrin. No instructions how to use the paste.

6 days later & still in pain. Ugh!

to Slane1216 #1407710

Patients cannot possibly do this by themselves. It is too painful to irrigate and pack deep in the socket without being numbed up first.

They are fools for telling you to do this yourself. Four OTC Ibuprofen is the same as one of these prescription Motrin.

to Slane1216 #1407760

Dry socket pain hurts big time. If there is any time a narcotic drug should be prescribed for a patient, it is for a dry socket. Giving you a do-it-yourself treatment kit and a prescription for only Motrin is a cruel joke!


I understand your pain from experience myself. Now you know why having anything done at Aspen is a mistake.

Not helping a patient in pain is a sorry excuse for dental care. You can buy the clove toothache stuff at most pharmacies and apply it yourself, usually with a small piece of cotton ball. If the pain continues then you might want to bite the bullet and see a dentist locally as yes, these things usually subside but there may be a problem with the extraction site now due to who knows what they did. You don't want to get an infection, etc.

That's where a real dentist comes in. Not Aspen.

to h.kitchener #1407373

Thank you for letting me know about where to get the clove oil!


Aspen loves to yank teeth out and throw you out the door if you don't have a reason to let them charge you again. They probably butchered you to get the tooth out bc they try to go 90 miles an hour to pack people in.

to Anonymous #1407387

Yes you are right! They rushed when I went in the 1st time last Thursday.

Said I needed an extraction 20 min into my appointment & 10 min later they were extracting it. Then of course on Monday when I went back for my dry socket & they only gave me 2 min with a q-tip of clove oil.

Whew! I just pray this pain goes away soon!!!

to Slane1216 #1407417

If you need some pain meds with a little extra kick, some of our dentists will write you a prescription under the table. Cash only, no credit cards or checks. Hope you feel better soon.

Ashley @ Aspen Dental

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