Went today for initial exam, X-rays and cleaning- was there 2&1/2 hours, no cleaning and was treated like a number on an assembly line! No personal connection and the technology is not even from this century that they are using!

The most upsetting thing was being asked how much money I had to spend? Nothing about what was best for my mouth or what could be/should be done immediately. They were more than happy to hand a 28,000.

Dollar estimate for possible work- with no explanation of what needed to be done!

I was in tears when I left, because I was so upset by the way I was treated! Will NOT be going back and I do not recommend them to anyone!!!!

Review about: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

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Even when I take my dog to the Vet; I get a printout of every penny and what it went for. They're ripping u off bigtime.


I had the same experience in the Hanover location, I went in there to get one price for a tooth and I left there with an estimated bill of 8900.00, Really makes you feel like ***. However, after I was home my husband asked me how the bill got that high.

I went to look and they did not give me a print out of every charge either to show how it adds up to that.

Kind of makes you scratch your head. :sigh

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