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I am in shock at the treatment, or the lack of it received by Aspen dental. They pulled 6 teeth and did a temporary denture then did crown prep on two teeth and now refuse to finish the work until I have surgery that will be 1800 out of pocket for me.

I don't want the surgery, and now I can't even get my permanent dentures. This is on top of getting infections from their work and they canceled most of my appointments however they have all my money, now I am fighting to get my money back, and I live in constant pain from the work they did

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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you are so correct they did me the same way I lost a lot of time and money


So sad when people neglect their teeth all their lives, have them extracted, choose a sorry clinic to do it, then suffer the consequences. Taking care of your teeth throughout your life is so much easier than going through all the pain and hassle that you have experienced

to Dental Advocate #1485377

You shame people about neglecting their teeth without so much as a mention of the high cost for quality dental care. Not everyone, in fact, many people cannot afford to see a dentist so they must put off necessary treatment until it's an emergency from the pain.

I think you'll agree that most people would like to have nice healthy teeth so there must be a reason why so many get ripped off and injured by low cost dentists. It's the $ -

to Dental colleges are a great source for low cost quality care #1485858

This is only partially true. 45% of the patients who have dental insurance don't even bother use it.

Very few patients will practice prevention even if free.Plenty of patients drive to dental offices in expensive cars, then claim they cannot afford dental treatment. The problem is really that they can't manage the money they have.A few things that make dental care expensive in the US: Obamacare tax on dental equipment and supplies, ADA requirements that rooms sizes be large, high licensing fees, high property taxes, mandatory HIPPA and OSHA classes, high malpractice insurance costs. Write your congressmen to change these things.It is not practical for everyone to seek care at dental schools.

Many people live 3 hours or more from a dental school. It takes many long appointments at dental school to get treatment done.

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