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Went to aspen dental which is a 2 hr and 40 min. ride one way.

there was one being built about 1 hr and 30 min. away but not open yet. When we got our first appointment we explained that we wanted 2 sets of dentures, one set for my husband and one set for us. she told us that the new center wasn't open yet.

so we could begin our services there and once finished we could continue at the new aspen closer to our home for any issues. THIS WAS NOT TRUE! we had to go to a hotel as our appoint meant was early in the am. once the impression was made we were given another appointment to return, we came back and didn't like the way the teeth looked, mine looked like little kids teeth.

and was told that if they made them bigger they would look like buck teeth. husbands teeth were ok, so we went home. came back and I didn't like the way they looked. they moved the top two front teeth over and the bottoms seemed small to me.

when we came to our next appointment we tried the teeth and they were very loose fitting, not like my original false teeth, was told its ok they will work. ok so another trip to them. this time we told them they didn't fit right, the bottoms were moving around all over my mouth, the tops were to small. so the sweet your girl that worked there put a permanent liner in the top and they fit better but still very loose, but the teeth seem to pop out more, so I was ok.

my husbands fit and we left, went to eat and neither of us could eat with them, felt like marbles in our mouth. so once again another trip back. still not happy with the teeth, we kept going back 10 times. now we have over 4,000 miles on our car, expenses for food, gas and lodging.

the last trip back the dentist fixed my bottoms some, and I was like I guess they'll have to do, I wasn't happy as the bottoms the two front teeth were to the left of my mouth. I was disgusted. my husband had them file his down some. went home again and tried to eat, with no satisfaction, so I called the office and they said well were not gonna be able to get you back for 3 weeks, what!!

we will be almost out of our warranty by then! I asked to speak to the office manager, she put me to her phone and it went to voice mail., called back 2 times and left messages, told her to please return our calls. as we want our 100 percent money guarantee back. we are not happy.

still to this day no call. so I called the new aspen center and she explained that we couldn't go to her as they can't touch the dentures but she would look at them. so I made appointment at the place where they were made so I could confront the manager. we went to the aspen closer to our home and the dentist looked at my teeth and said these are not properly made.

you have a bad overbite, and your bottom teeth are moving all over the place, she also looked at the liner and said it wasn't a very good job and these teeth need to be remade. she looked at my. husbands and said his needed to be remade also. she said she would put notes on the computer as they all can see the notes, when we got home I got a call from where we had teeth made, and she said you already went to Asheville.

we explained to her what the dentist said. so we got an appointment for Feb, in the meantime I called the corporate number that was given to us and still haven't had a call returned. when we got the dentures made they deceived us. telling us we could go to any aspen.

we have a total of 11 visits and still can't use dentures. and I mentioned to the second place that the dentist had to always be reminded to wear gloves! I have had a kidney transplant, and watched him come from one room with a pair of gloves on to only use them on. me, and my husband told him to please change his gloves, we even asked the girl to tell him to put gloves on at each visit.

We were told that that If we ask for a refund that we couldn't ever use another aspen. we are going back to the first aspen in feb. but want our money back as I can't make 10 more trips. its to far and very stressful on me.

not to mention the cost, time and mileage.

I still haven't heard back from corporate and am hoping this reaches them. I won't give any stars as I don't believe they ever deserve a one star

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

Preferred solution: I would like the money returned for a refund so I can go to the aspen dental closer to my home .

Aspen Dental Pros: Very nice staff overall.

Aspen Dental Cons: Office manager unavailable.

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Why would any sane person drive 2 hours and 40 minutes each way to go to a sleazy corporate chain clinic like Aspen???? It does not even begin to make sense!


Why are you so self righteously dismissive in responding to people? People are obviously hurt, ashamed for not doing do diligence in seeking out competent and experienced dental professionals.

I was researching for well over a year for competent and reputable dental professionals and had resorted to fashioning temporary teeth until I could find someone I could trust. I went to Aspen almost in desperation and yes I was talked into having total extractions so that dentures would fit appropriately. Lower teeth were not a problem, but was assured that I would be happy. No, I am not happy, but I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I was provided an itemization relative to each tooth in my mouth. I agreed to the procedures almost in desperation. I told them I only wanted the upper denture. During the impression phase, the devise inserted ripped out two fragile teeth.

Yes, they were loose. That is when it was suggested that I have all the lower teeth removed so that the denture would fit appropriately. Well, it was a winning smile the day of the extraction, but when the swelling went down, I was not able to masticate food, was given prescription for pain, and told to come back within 7 days. I was as compliant as I could be, but the problems have come as a result of the alleged soft lining of the prosthetic devices.

They are now ill fitting and yes, I was given the assurance that I would get use to it once additional adjustments were made. Yes, I paid for the top of the line for my permanents, and the operative word is I paid for it.

So yes, I am between a rock and a hard place and yes, I use my own credit card. So, we are doing our very best but this was written to suggest more support should be accorded people who feel they are between a rock and a hard place and not a lot of sarcasm.

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