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Went 2 1/2 away from home to get new dentures for me and my husband. 10 times in total and still can't use them.

We were told once we got them we could go to any aspen. FALSE! Called to get our money back left 2 messages no return call. Made another apt to a new aspen 1 1/2 he away and the dentist said she couldn't help us but did look at them and said they need to be remade, and was putting notes in our file on line.

. I told her I want to return dentures and go to her, but was told we couldn't do that. Once you get refunded we can never go back to an aspen again. I've called aspen headquarters for clarification and still haven't receive any return calls!

So now we have to go back to the original aspen and demand a refund. Don't want to drive back 10 more times to get it corrected. Over 4,000 miles on my car to go there. I want this resolved and get dentures that fit.

My top teeth and bottoms don't match, two bottom front teeth are to the left of my mouth and the top doesn't line up. They were very loose fitting, had liner put in top but it's coming apart. Bottoms were never right they just do not sit properly. 2nd dentist said it's got a bad over bite and don't line up.

Husband's are real bad he still hasn't worn them 2nd dentist said they are also made improperly. Also the 1st dentist had to always be asked to wear gloves!

This is uncalled for! I hope to hear from head quarters!And if I could give a 0 for stars a few would!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Try to contact business office no responce.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Preferred solution: I want new sets of dentures at a closer center and a full refund from 1st office.

Location: 1419 Parkway, Sevierville, TN 37862

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4000 miles on your car = about $2400 in total operating costs on the average car. And I guess you and your husband went to Aspen because television ads told you it was such a great deal?

Here is a news flash: the dentist who took the final impression for your dentures got the commission for them. No other Aspen dentist wants to work on a denture that has been paid for, because it nets him no commission. You think dentists want to work for free? You could have gotten a really wearable pair of dentures from the average competent independent dentist for about $3700.

Too bad TV advertising is reality in your mind.

No dentist that has to advertiser on TV is worth a hoot. Please learn that lesson.

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