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Don't go near this place.. Where do I even begin?

When I first got there the tech took me to the back for X-ray 's where she informed me that they don't clean your teeth the same day they do your exam. She said they examine you to determine what kind of cleaning you need. My whole purpose for this visit was a cleaning and exam.. Red flags started going off in my head.

Then I saw the dentist. Well she told me that I needed a whole bunch of things done. A deep cleaning(which insurance doesn't cover) because otherwise all of my teeth would fall out. When I told her that I had never heard of such a thing she said my 2 previous dentists had done me a total disservice.

Then even though I had no cavities she wanted to do 5 fillings I guess another way to prevent my teeth from falling out?? Well the flags were on fire at that point. I then told her all I wanted was a regular cleaning. She then we'll see.

WTH??? I then had to sit down with a finance person to go over all of the things I needed and the cost. And the millions of ways they could rip off myself and the insurance company. Needless to say I left angry and frustrated and never got the cleaning I wanted.

So since I'm never going back to Aspen I now have to schedule a cleaning with my old dentist. Which is more time off of work.

Sorry for the long review but I truly believe they are trying to sell a bunch of stuff the patient doesn't need. Just tread carefully before you commit to anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Exam.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1329792

If you really want to get on fire and ticked off, ask for a written copy of your treatment plan from aspen and the xrays they took. Take them to the other dentist.

When he tells you most of it isn't needed you will really be on fire. Hope aspen gets shut down.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1329501

An initial exam with a new dentist is completely different than a review exam with your old dentist. An initial exam is much more complex, so it is not customary to do the cleaning the same day.

As you found out, A$pen's #1 scam is to convert simple cleanings to "scaling and roots planing" whether warranted or not.

This increases the patient's treatment cost dramatically.

Remember this: at A$pen or any of the other fleabag corporate dental chop shops, the only purpose you serve is to balloon the balance of the corporate bank account.

They will drain you of every penny in your bank account plus every dollar they can put you in debt for. Employees are under tremendous pressure to squeeze the maximum revenues out of each patient.


I visit this site often and have read numerous complaints about this company.

I believe 100% of what you state herein ; my only question is "why did you leave your previous dentist ?"

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