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I am working on filing consumer complaints on this office and the dentist now, as I have not gotten anywhere with the Oshkosh office. Will post if and when I get some results!

Original review posted by user Jan 30, 2012

This was the 3rd dentist that my husband went to for a consultation on his teeth, which have been in bad shape all of his life, and this was the first one that would agree to extractions and dentures, rather than trying to keep fixing the ones he had. Well, now we know why. The new patient exam and x-rays were not free as advertised because we have dental insurance. They first zeroed out the amount, and then put it back in to bill the insurance company. We set up the appointments to use insurance benefits from 2011 and 2012, to minimize our out of pocket expenses, as the final bill would be around $7,000. We then received both a 25% and a 30% coupon in our email, that said to just make your appointment before Dec. 31, 2011. We did, but they would only honor the 25% coupon. I've sent two emails to their customer service email in the last two weeks, to have proof that I contacted them, and have not heard a word back. When I complained to the receptionist that we were paying in full for products that we haven't received, she just said thats "company policy".

My husband had his first extractions and a month later, then they did the *** impressions. He had the last of his extractions on Friday, and received his "healing" dentures. They are more like some kind of medieval torture device. They don't fit at all, and he is having excruciating pain from them, and not in the area of the latest extractions. They don't even look like his natural teeth. The only request he had was that they close the gap between his front teeth. He can't close his mouth on them, they don't line up in any way, and he can't talk. Just because he drives semi, doesn't mean he doesn't have to have a professional appearance, including being able to talk!

For Paul's first extractions, the receptionist called to find out what pharmacy to call the prescriptions into. When I asked her what they were calling in, she told me Ativan, penicillin, and an oral rinse. I questioned the dosage of Ativan, because as a medical professional myself, I thought it was too high. She said that was their standard pre-op prescription. At no time was anesthesia discussed with the dentist, and my husband was not given any other option. I had a hard time trying to get him home after the procedure, and he almost pulled me back down the steps. I also had to keep waking him up because his breathing got so shallow that it was hard to detect. He then had GI upset from the penicillin and I called into the office to get him another antibiotic. When we went to the Pharmacy to pick it up, it had never been called in. Then for the second procedure, Paul discussed with the dentist that he was not willing to take that dose of Ativan, and to ensure that the correct antibiotic had been called in. When we got to the pharmacy, the original orders had been called in once again, and we had to wait for the correct one. They also ordered the original dose of Ativan, even though it was discussed that he would not take it. The hygienist then was upset that he didn't take the full dose.

We told the receptionist on Friday that we were upset that the incorrect prescriptions had been called into the pharmacy, and she blamed it on Walgreens!! I also overheard her on the phone giving the exact same prescription information to a lady. There was no mention of having someone with her, when she had her procedure. When we were leaving, I told the dentist that as a medical professional, that was an irresponsible use of benzodiazepines, and that I had never seen that high of a dosage used in practice. The dentist said "Oh well, I've never had any complaints about it before."

We paid for their premium package, and we were told that after 6 months of adjusting his healing set, that they would make his final set. At our initial consultation, we told the "office manager" that he wanted them by the middle of June so that his smile looked nice for a family wedding out of state. Now, they are telling us sometime in July. And that the final set would take 2 1/2 weeks to get back from an outside lab. The healing dentures are supposed to be the same Comfilytes, but they were ready in the office in a week. I don't think that we are getting what we paid for, and they stand by their claim.

If anyone else has been able to resolve their problems with Aspen, please let me know. Otherwise, I'm contemplating contacting a malpractice attorney as this is unacceptable to be treated this way.

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I had poor treatment at the clinic as well


I went to Aspen for a routine filling, it was quick and relatively painless but after my tooth kept hurting.. and it was very sensitive to cold and hot..

I called and complained and they told me to come back in after a week! I lived through the pain for the week and went back in, they said I might have an infection in the tooth that they put the filling in, so they prescribed some antibiotics that ended up giving me a rash (I've never had an allergic reaction to any antibiotics) and it didn't help.. I went back in and they said I had sensitivity in my nerves under the filling and would have to have a root canal which was over $1000, over my insurance limit. I had the root canal because I couldn't stand the pain and got sick of taking the pain pills, then they put another filling in again.

After all the hassle the problem was solved and I ended up paying for 2 fillings for one tooth and a root canal.. unbelievable!!


Didn't mean to click the "***" button, I wasn't sure if it was a rating of if there were comments attached and tried clicking it to see if it would drop down...


Pretty much an Aspen system wide thing, not just this location. I travel a lot and Aspen is my insurances preferred provider.

Which is backwards yes since a customer can't get a free exam if they do have insurance (in their defense it's in the small print), and only an exam with? Not really a scam on their end, just know whom your dealing with.

If your looking for deal Aspen isn't the way to go. Likewise if you have an insurance company that prefers Aspen, like Humana for example, your better to seek out an independent.



I took my daughter there to have all four wisdom teeth removed. I wasn't allowed to go in the room (dr's preference). Once at home, my daughter wrote (she couldn't talk) that she felt everything - that the local they gave her didn't work. The dentist left the room for 5 minutes, came back in and said, "Let's get this done." My daughter accidentally moved her leg when she felt the pain as they continued and the hygienist said, "Relax.

We need to keep going." The hygienist raced through the after care instructions which I realized after the fact, were very vague, especially to someone who never had their wisdom teeth removed. My daughter asked when she could have water. The only instructions regarding diet were to eat soft foods for 48 hours and avoid dairy for 24. I called their after hours number, as it was Friday night.

The answering service took down my general questions and said someone would call me back. If I didn't hear anything in 45 minutes to call back. After an hour, I called back to be told that since it wasn't a true emergency I would have to wait for normal business hours to get answers to my questions. I was furious.

I asked again if I could get assistance on general questions, such as when could my daughter have water and other liquids and was told I would have to wait. I do not care how much it costs out-of-pocket, I will NEVER use Aspen Dental again!


Wow, yeah i had a horrible expereince with them too. i paid all in cash as i do not have dental insurance. a lil over 6000, is what i have paid to date I am seroiusly thinking of taking them to court at this point, ( they never gave me a set of bottom dentures that fit), they seem to be a crooked practice all-around.