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The day I went into your office at Waterford lakes orlando, I felt a had reached heaven, it was a very difficult a traumatic journey the one I was facing at 36 years old facing I had to have all my teeth removed, so in such a scary procedure I trusted your staff, I really tought they care, today I feel betrayed and mocked. 2 years ago I put my trust on you all, I had my teeth removed and got dentures with lower implants to keep dentures on place,I paid over $7000 after Insurance,after such painful procedure I had to go back in a couple of month to have the screw of the implants placed by doctor Taylor and finally have my dentures.

I was so excited, that day when he did the procedure of placing the screws, when he placed the second one on my left side, I heard a crack fallow by a very sharp pain trough my jaw, He had to give me a couple of minutes and I told him I heard a crack and I was in pain to what he answered, its normal is still sensitive. I had full trust on him and I believed him after all he is the professional, weeks after I had to go back in, I was in pain and it bother, they made adjustments supposely that needed to be made, I try to explain but no one really listen, they will go arround and always say it was normal, after I had to go again, finally I started to convince my self I was the problem and I was looking for perfection. I couldn't continue taking time off work so I decided to learn to live with it. A week ago pain woke me up I realize my implant was exposed, it was coming out and it looked higher than the other one.

I called and schedule an appointment that was given to me a week still me mentioning I was in pain. Today I went to my appointment, this time they could not tel me it was normal because it is visible that its coming out of its place, so they did an x ray that showed that my left implant was fractured from the bottom. They had a doctor come in and she explained it was fractured and she never had seen that happen from the inside, she started asking questions such as if I got punch on the face or bite on something hard, to what I answered no, so she explained I had to be referred to an oral surgeon because they did not have one in the clinic and the one that had done surgery on me Doctor Lathan was no longer with them. So I asked will I be with out tweet till then, and she said I could try to remove the top part of the implant so I could use by dentures meanwhile.

When she was going to unscrew the pain remind me of when Doctor Taylor put them in the first time that I heard it crack, I told her, she ignored me and said I am not going to touch it, I am going to remove this part from the dentures and se if you could use it like that meanwhile, she then sent it in with the Assistant, I told the assistant how it happen but she dis not pay any attention as well. I feel that forb2 years no one has listen, bo one cares, I went to my car and schedule the appointment with the doctor I was referred to, and realized I will have to pay to have them removed and put in a new implant, when I tought it was covered under a 7 year warranty. So I walkedbinyo the office again and ask the receptionist Down who asked the office manager to hear whay I was explaining and she said, no warranty are only on dentures. But no one took the time to hear what Ibhave been trying to explain for 2 years.

I am in pain, I am disappointed and desperate, I feel like I heve been taken advantage off. I call and asked for corporate number was run arround, they put the office manager on the phone to explain what already had been explained never acknowledged what I am explaining to her, refusing to give me corporate number. So I said I want to handle this directly with corporate because I feel you all are not listening to me, and she said well corporate is going to send you back on our way, and I said if they do Ill contact my lawyer, to what she answer, well since you mentioned your lawyer I can't give you corporate information and I have to cut all conversation with you at these moment. I am beyond hurt, beyond disappointed and beyond fustrated.

Will anybody serious contact me, I know I have rights as a patient that have violated and ignored. I am not able to contact no one in corporate, thats why these people do what they want in these offices, there is no accountability whatsoever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $7600.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aspen Dental Pros: Seem like they care.

Aspen Dental Cons: Ones the mistake was done no one has care to even listen, Staff not very understanding.

  • unprofessional attitude
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Guess what? As a bonus for letting scammers like Aspen do implants, you will lose a bunch of bone in your jaw when the implant is drilled out with a trephine bur.


What a surprise! You went to a sh!t-shack corporate clinic for extractions (mistake) and a worthless mini-implant (bigger mistake.) The cheap implants they use fractured.

The inexperienced young dentists have no idea what to do. One thing you can be sure of: Aspen will keep every penny of the money they fleeced you out of. What gave you the brilliant idea of going to a cheesy corporate clinic for complicated treatment like this? Did you have temporary insanity?

By the time you sue them, that young dentist employee will be long gone. Nobody works for this cheapskate slave-driving outfit for long.

It is going to cost thousands more to undo the damage. Better find a second job to pay for it.


Aspen can't even get filling right. Letting them yank out your teeth and screw metal in your mouth makes me want to cry.

I wish you good luck getting that mess straightened out. *** aspen dental.


Your initial mistake was in actually going to Aspen and having what appears to be extensive work done by them. At this point, get a free consult with an attorney familiar with medical malpractice and see what can be done.

You will need to be examined by a competent oral surgeon to find out exactly what the problem(s) with your dental work are, which you need to do whatever you decide to do. Call or schedule an exam with a local dentist if need be and get a referral to a specialist.