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i have talked with office manager of newark oh aspen dental. 2 different aspen offices can not make partials to fit my mouth.

& want to give me the run around on a refund. like offering to give me under $200 back. afterpaying $800.00 cash & owe care credit card $ they really think im that ***? im tired of being past to one person and back to another.

then i get a letter from patient services supervisor. telling me i need to talk with office manager. but when i do its the same thing .you needa adjustment but dentist says he cant do anything about the cap in teeth on the partials. they made them and its my second pair between 2 aspen dental offices that cant seem to make partials to fit my mouth.

in that case i feel they did not perform work that was paid for so why cant i get a refund?

so i can find a better dentist to fix my there a owner of this corporation or just managers that cant seem to get together on this problem. refund me and ill go to another dental office that has nothing to do with aspen dental.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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