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Good afternoon, my name is Oxana Donahoe. I want to share the horrible experience about clinic visit Aspen Dental to the address: 1401 North Veterans Parkway, Bloomington, IL 61704. We with the husband made six crowns in this clinic, three crowns were made by my husband and three crowns were made by me.

After the first!! Installations of my three crowns, I noticed that on one of them during a touch tongue, I feel a sharp edge on a back wall of a crown and an interval between a crown and the ground-off tooth. In couple of days I arrived to office of clinic and told about it to the attending physician Dr. Elaine M. Dossett.

The doctor checked the tooth and told that will remake a crown. At a touch of the metal tool the big gap was felt at once, and my ground-off tooth was very sensitive. Without anesthetic. They then created a new temporary crown, and scheduled the next visit.

In the following visit, during installation of the new permanent crown (i.e. for the second time), I felt the same gap between a new crown and my tooth about what I reported to the doctor. The doctor began to assure me that everything is all right, and has to be, it is simply unusual form of a crown. I believed the doctor about possibility of an unusual form, and agreed to put on cement. On the same day, having stayed some time of the house, I understood that I have again the same problem, tongue began to feel a gap between a crown and the ground-off tooth, this gap didn't disappear and when eating, the food is being caught between a crown and tooth. On the same day we went to office of clinic and told about the same problem. The doctor told that I intentionally do something with crowns as for the first time, and in the second, and blamed me for the issue. After such answer I still had very unpleasant impression about visit. According to the doctor: I intended to do something with crowns and cause such problem. Which is a down right LIE. We paid and we just wanted to get the service we paid for. Despite everything, the doctor checked tooth and made sure of gap was present, and also agreed to remake the crown for the third time and appointed the next visit!! While at the house with my husband made a photo of my crowns from the inside of teeth using a high definition camera Nikon 3200, to see a problem which I constantly feel We did this so I could help explain what I was experiencing as I do not speak good English. When reviewing the images we noticed that there was one more gap with one of the other crowns they installed. The Same issue. And the dentist said that everything looked good.

We took the images printed on photo paper to the next appointment, the husband showed photos that the doctor so she could see my problem on back walls of crowns, and I told her that it is necessary to remake two crowns as on both there are gaps. The doctor having seen a picture I told us that after clients start taking the picture as proof of nonprofessional work … … … … … … … … … .и she doesn't wish to deal with us more. (In a rude yelling voice) additionally stopped working with us and told us to leave the practice.

After that we still talked to the administrator for that clinic and we asked for the clinic to provide us other expert and remake these two crowns. We told them that we don't agree with such unprofessionalism. We explained that we would now have to find a new dentist and have them fix the crowns. And we don’t know when the money will be refunded to us. The secretary answered that they will return money to insurance company and will send the check to us on mail, but according to her, it will take months. I asked: how many money is required on correction of your mistakes in other clinic, on what answered me, we don't know. T.E actually to me was cut by three teeth under crowns, and established three crowns one of which is established successfully, and others two with gaps between crowns and the ground-off teeth. These gaps cause caries (cavities) further because when eating, the food there is pushed under the crown.

The issues here now are finding a dentist to will agree to remake these crowns, how long it will take, and we will have to pay a second time for the money that we have already paid aspen dental to get these crowns in the first place.

What is even worse is that while we were in the office talking calmly with the administrator, the female dentist called the police on us. On Paying Clients. We paid them $6,509.00 for services and yet we got this kind of treatment and we got extremely poor results. Poor service. Ridiculed, and the police called on us.

We had conversations with the corporate offices of this clinic, trying to discuss with them options of getting what we paid for. All attempts at working with Aspen Dental have failed. As evidence to this. We have the HD close up images of these damaged crown installations and copies of all bills, payments and documentation.

Monetary Loss: $2904.

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What happened with the police?


That looks BAD


If you don't get satisfaction with a dentist office call the American Dental Association and speak with an investigator. They will help you

Good luck


The American Dental Association has no power to investigate any dentist. It is a professional organization with no enforcement powers.

The patient could report the individual dentist to the state board, but state boards do not deal with financial issues except fraud- and only fraud committed by dentists.

But state boards don't have any power at all over private equity investors who aren't dentists and illegally own dental clinics. That is why it is so important to go to a regular dental practice owned by a dentist, and not a chain clinic owned by Wall Street investors.

@Dental Advocate

You're so correct. I almost got taken but got second opinion that saved me probably $5000 and work that would not have lasted long.

However, I believe going through the BBB could produce results. I helped a friend who got taken by a car rental business for $2,400 and he got his money back.


You need to do something now. Your gum tissue appears "angry". Notice the color difference around that poor work.


This *** makes my blood boil. AS a aspen insider I can tell you this situation happens at aspen too often.

Most of the dentist are right out of school, don't have experience making large treatment plans and spend too much of their time rushing chair to chair to do quality work. Mostly its the corporates fault. they tell them see these many patients a day or get fired. Aspen worst fear is loosing income.

Play their game and call your local TV station and ask them to do a story on aspen screwing you over.

Let the news tear them a new *** I bet they will give you your $$ back! Then call the board.


there is solution for your problem, You have proof and the crowns have open margins and that's gross negligence on the dentist and is grounds for malpractice . I would advise you to send the pictures and before you do that , you should call the dental board .this is the following website .

contact number is Phone Number - 1-888-4REGUL8 (1-888-473-4858).

they will make the dentist give the money back immediately after the complaint is filed.


Boards cannot discipline corporate dental chains, only dentists and dental hygienists This is why investor owned dental chains are technically operating illegally, and are so dangerous to the public.

The worst that could happen is the dentist who did these crowns is reprimanded. He cannot be forced to return your money because he is a mere employee of the clinic. If the clinic fires him, they can have two more young dentists in his place.

Patients have practically no recourse with corporate dental clinics.


Some things to ponder:

1. Why did you seek help at a corporate dental clinic owned by private equity investors that employs mostly young, inexperienced dentists paid on commission who are pressured to bill the maximum revenue possible?

What motivated you to make that foolish decision? Are advertisements so powerful a force on your mind?

2. The bigger question is: did you and your husband really need all those crowns? A lot of time teeth can be fixed very economically with large silver fillings if the patient will permit.

The sad part is that once a tooth has a crown, there is no turning back. The teeth will always need crowns.

3. It was a mistake to do full-coverage porcelain crowns. Partial golds crowns are MUCH kinder on esthetically-non-critical teeth.

The teeth don't need to be ground down nearly as much. The teeth would be much less likely to need root canals in the future.

4. Sorry, but I cannot tell from the photos if the crowns had large marginal gaps, or whether the margins were merely placed high on the teeth for conservation of tooth structure.

5. Corporate clinics like this almost never use custom trays for impressions, which should be used when multiple crowns are done.

That leads to inaccuracies. 6. Corporate clinics usually use the cheapest labs available, and many times the labs they use merely refer the work to China. 7.

Sadly, it is more work for a dentist to cut off any crown and redo it, than doing it right the first time. 8. I hope you learn your lesson.

ALWAYS select professionals by reputation for honesty and competence, NEVER by TV advertisements and presence or absence on insurance lists. I am a dentist who has practiced 34 years and I know what I am talking about.


You don't see the gaps in the photos?? Your a dentist with 34 years under your belt and you know what you are talking about??

I think your talking out of your butt!! I have been reading these reviews and NOT once did you side with the victims.

You know ***, that's all!!

@The greatest one of all

The patient stated she felt a sharp edge on the back of the crowns with her tongue, yet she took a photo of the cheek side of her crowns! There is no photo of the lingual side!

No, I don't see any gaps with this low-quality photograph I see one PFM crown where the porcelain is not totally down to the end of the metal, but I do not see any marginal gaps.

PFM crowns are getting rarer these days.

It was common for marginal accuracy to leave the last .5 mm of a crown margin free of porcelain. The problem was porcelain shrank as it was fired, and pulled the metal away from the margin.

On the second crown from the front, it the margin is unclear. The dentist may have purposefully left the edge of the crown high on the facial, to avoid cutting down more tooth. It could be there is an unrelated abfractive lesion in the dentin below it.

This would be acceptable protocol which I sometimes use.

As I said, determining the accuracy of the crown margin is impossible with this photo. That would take an scanning electron micrograph. The real question is: did the patient need all these crowns?

And why were they not done in zirconia or castable ceramic? Was the patient offered a partial coverage gold crown for the molar, which would be clearly the best alternative?

Guess in terms of dental knowledge, you are far from "The greatest one of all!"

@The greatest one of all

Pissed to the max!I went to aspen just for a small crack in my upper denture to be repaired. I was back the next day n had to have it repaired again.

It lasted a week n right back at it. The very last time I was told there was no crack. I took the denture out asked for dental floss and low and behold, there was the crack! *** service n poor quality of employees n work.

Each time I went in my insurance was charged. I was not informed of this. It should have been a courtesy fix. But *** it never got fixed, I went straight to BBB and the matter was handled by them.

All money was refunded.

I would not send my dog to Aspen. What I went thru was rediculous!


Yeah professional dentist- how about a little compassion. People get rooked into all kinds of things thinking they can trust people who, in this case they clearly can't.

Maybe if dentists didn't charge such huge prices more people would have better teeth.

Our mercenary medical system has got to change from the heartless for-profit way it is now.

Maybe if dentists were kinder and less arrogant more people would get treatment more often before it turns critical.

Isn't it routine for the dentist to double the price of the crown received from the lab?

@Seasoned Dentist

Why not use your name and practice name if your so sure of our statements . It shows you have no compassion and have probably done just as shady work yourself ... Or maybe you are the dentist in question.


Maybe if your ObamaGod had not passed a new 2.3% tax on medical and dental supplies and equipment dentists would not have to charge the fees they do now.

Maybe if your fairy-tale socialist world existed here, dentistry would be back in the stone age like it was in Soviet era Russia. Anesthesia, anyone?

Only for those patients who left a tip at the desk.

As for crowns, dentists just don't sell them like Penny's sells shirts from a rack. They anesthetize the patient, prepare the tooth with expensive diamond burs, tuck cord under the gums, take impressions, pour the countermodel, make and cement a temporary, take it off later, numb the patient again, adjust the crown, then cement it.

Go to a sleazy corporate owned clinic trying to save a couple of nickels, and you will get ripped off. I have seen it for almost 35 years.

Hope other millenials are not as dumb as you.


You won't find me working in a shabby joint owned by Leonard Green & Partners, famed private equity vultures that own A$pen. Which incidentally, has a team of lawyers to defend them against all sorts of patient and attorney general lawsuits. And would readily sue any critic for libel, including me, if they could find his identity.

You put your health at risk when you go to corporate chop shops instead of regular dentists, but go ahead and find out for yourself it you don't believe me.


Why didn’t u use your name? Oh yeah, ur probably an employee who doesn’t know their *** from *** in the ground!!!


Are you naive enough to think the dentist pockets every penny charged? Do you think just maybe they have rent, electricity, water bill, equipment (avg per op set up is over $50 grand), equipment repair ($300 bucks per hour for him just to show up), $alarie$ (avg cost per hygienist is $45 per hour wage (or more) plus benefits and payroll tax, etc), benefits, lab fees, $upplies, bonu$e$, paid vacation$, $ick day$, rai$e$, patient giveaway$, money $pent paying someone to chase down insurance reimbursements (which sometimes never come or arrive a year later) How many people would go to work then wait months and months for payment?

Not many. Would you? In the meantime you still have to pay your very hard working staff no matter what (and they deserve every penny). So next time you have a toothache because you would rather spend your lousy $200 per YEAR on something else, remember it is that greedy dentist who will relieve your pain no matter how much you bad mouth him or her.

You just may be one of the ones who call at 11 pm (or 2 am or 4 am) on a weekend or holiday too. BTW, avg cost of dental school is now up to $300,000 not including undergrad (NYU is $90 grand per year).

Anytime you want to sign up for that feel free if you think you can be kinder or more compassionate. Maybe then you won't be so hatefilled and judgemental.


Your point is not even worth a point, if u read this all the way thru u would know what is the problem, not ur *** paycheck, we're talking about shabby work get it right! And yeah for you for being a dentist and having to run a business!, like your the only one out there, must be a dentist thing like Dr's they all stick together like a flock of seagulls! Your so compassionate it makes me sick hope I don't get you for a dentist, and if they don't know own how to run a business and make money why r u in it then ,Cuz u certainly sound like u don't want to run a practice,Cuz it so much work and money why why, why do it then????