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I am very fearful of dentists but finally decided I had to go through with having my teeth pulled and receive dentures. Went to aspen dental and initial exam confirmed then sent to desk to be shown plans and discuss financing.

I had dental insurance so with discount for this their portion my out of pocket was over 5000 next appointment for having them removed up on my arrival all my balance had to be paid before they took me back. During procedure Novocain wore off but was informed they couldn't give me anymore so I just had to tuff it out.

And I was already very uncomfortable when immediate denture was shoved into my mouth but could tell they were too large but she said had to allow for swelling okay fine went home and actually think I was shocky as I was freezing next day they pull dentures out,painful, to file down some areas where they could tell were too long had several adjustments while waiting for my permanent dentures but they were never right I couldn't even *** bread with them when it was time for permanent they were going to use my temporary for mold I told them no they "sucked " now mind you I had never had an impression until then first time I had permanent set *** still off redid they're better but still not right too large for my mouth has rubbed sores in back top lip but they don't want to trim and ruin suction fine but real fun begins when I start paying attention to bill insurance gives me a detailed printout of what they can charge me contractually their amount they're paying and my responsibility. Huh, I've overpaid okay fine refund right well Aspen's math and my math and insurance also appears to disagree they refuse to refund me what insurance says I've overpaid saying we're wrong proceed to get a little rude when I confront and what is amazing to me is in march they gave me a statement saying I had a $1600 credit I would never recommend them because it's not a caring dental practice it's an assembly line

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I want anyone on this sight to go to Glassdoor . It is an employment web site where employees of all companies tell of the experience of working for a certain employer.

In this case Aspen. Believe it or not most of them are as horrified as the people that Aspen Dental has treated.

The receptionist at the office I dumped told me how it was hard for her to sleep at night seeing all the pain and ripoffs day in and out. She and one dentist associate were 2 in the office planning to get out before they lost all respect for themselves

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1336376

A nearly impossible task for dentists is to estimate what the ridges MIGHT look like after extractions, construct dentures BEFORE extractions, then try to make them fit AFTER extractions. It rarely works well, EVEN WITH VERY EXPERIENCED DENTISTS WHO USE QUALITY LABS.

Think a corporate chop shop like A$pen can pull of the job? Not a chance.

That is why the BETTER way to go is always SAVE at least two roots per arch, usually canines, extract the rest of the teeth, and wait at least a month for bone chips to surface before taking impressions. Yes, this means you would have to go a time without dentures in your mouth. But the result would have been far, far better.

Good luck getting a refund from A$pen. Thieves do not give up their booty easily.

It is always a mistake to choose dentists off some crumby insurance provider list.

You think you will save money, but too often you end up getting substandard treatment and paying more money to boot. Personally, I would not refer even an Islamic Jihadist to A$pen Dental.

to Seasoned Dentist #1338404

Well I went top of line package which meant my permanent dentures were not made until after 6months so I would have thought these would fit

Twice I told them *** was not right and still not right after redoing impressions as for smoothing gums "alveoplasty "x4 can honestly say mine sure aren't smooth

to dkmick473228 Topeka, Kansas, United States #1344372

Sorry to hear that. When you have young freshly-graduated dentists who are not booked enough time to complete procedures, it is inevitable that the result is substandard.

Getting a fresh ridge surgically ready for dentures is no walk in the park even for an experienced hand like me.

Often sharp edges surface and I have to remove them, for FREE.

My staff books me ONE HOUR of appointment time to take final denture impressions. Flawless impressions are THAT important. I am wondering how long it took to get your final impressions?

You begin to see why doing everything textbook correctly is so important in the success of making dentures.

You think clinics managed by Wall Street investors would make sure all the steps are taken? Not a chance!

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