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This is in regard to the recent dental treatment of my wife. When we first contacted the Bloomington Aspen clinic, we understood our dental

insurance would not cover the entire amount of the work my wife needed, and we further understood that we would have to pay those non-covered fees.

We therefore paid $4259.00 and were given a receipt stating, "There are no payments pending." We were told after every visit That my we did not owe any further charges. (After paying that whopping bill, we shouldnt owe a cent.)

We were therefore shocked, dismayed, and angry to receive a bill stating that we owed $484.80 in "patient responsibility." We have a bill in hand dated October 3, 2019 for $484.80 for "cast frame

partial." When Delta Dental declined to pay this amount, the Bloomington office moved the costs over to several charges (date ranged January 1 to 13) for gingival procedures for exactly the same

amount as the previous "cast frame partial" bill. This is clearly an attempt to recoup the costs that Delta declined to pay, and this comes after we had received a statement declaring that we had paid in full for the entire range of procedures and that no further payments were due.

All this has happened after the Aspen dentist and/or other personnel misfit my wife three times, which required her to return to the Bloomington clinic at least three or more times. She states that even now, the upper and lower partials do not fit properly.

Her teeth were extracted on December 31, 2018 and her first appointment after that was in January 2019, when she was old by an assistant that they had not even started working on her partials even though they had the first molds done. In addition, on more than one occasion when she went to the clinic, the appropriate personnel were not available to see her,

though the office had not contacted her to update her about this situation.

The office also had to remake the molds in August, and in September, she returned to the office to be fitted but they did not fit, so the dentist attempted to modify them by snipping off pieces. After this

attempt was unsuccessful, the dentist stated that she would have to send the partials back to the maker be adjusted. In October when my wife

returned to the office, she saw only the dental assistant, who then placed the partials in her mouth.

She examined them, and my wife said the partials still did not fit right and her front teeth could not

close properly. The dental assistant did not respond to my wife's statement, and the assistant put the molds, the denture cup, etc. into a plastic bag, and said that they had no use for the molds and would

give them to my wife or throw them away. She never saw the dentist for further assistance or adjustment since the dentist was not available.

My wife recalls that when she went to the front desk after this extremely negative experience, the receptionist stated that she did not owe any further payments.

After these incidents of extremely

unprofessional service, we felt taken advantage of, and also extremely surprised and angry to receive a bill after we had paid in full for substandard services and products.

We believe there is some effort on Aspen's part to recoup the remake costs, and we suspect there is something fraudulent going on here, especially since we were told by the Bloomington office manager that the bill for $484.80 would be resubmitted to insurance. Clearly, our insurance would not pay that amount the first time, so we suspect Aspen tried to pass the charge on to us in the hope that we would

simply pay without protest.

Now that we have protested and refused to pay, your office has sent the bill back to insurance in hopes of collecting from them.

Summary: unprofessional service and products, failure to properly communicate, and we think fraudulent billing is going on. A huge expenditure of money for bad service, a massive disappointment, and a deep feeling that Aspen took serious advantage of us.

By all means, stay out of Aspen Dental Clinic!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $4259.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aspen Dental Pros: Easy to find office.

Aspen Dental Cons: Unprofessional service.

Location: 1401 N Veterans Parkway, Bloomington, IL 61704

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The review above may be "subjective," but numerous courts have determined that lawsuits against Aspen have legal merit and are not figments of peoples imaginations. Aspen dental chain has been investigated by news organizations (See "Patients, Pressure and Profits at Aspen Dental," PBS.org), the Center for Public Integrity, and the Pennsylvania and New York attorneys general.

It has faced class action lawsuits for inflicting pain and suffering on patients, and has an extremely bad rating and reputation by a wide range of reviewers and organizations. In Michigan, it was sued for "unfair and misleading practices" (see "Lawsuit: Aspen Dental, with 18 offices in Michigan, misleads patients with 'unfair and deceptive trade practices," mlive.com). The New York Attorney General sued Aspen for $450,000 in 2015 after "The AG’s office launched an investigation in 2013 after receiving more than 300 complaints from consumers since 2005. Consumers complained about the quality of care, billing practices, misleading advertising, upselling of unnecessary medical services and products, and dental care financing." (see Aspen Dental Management Faces $450k State Fine," https://www.wxhc.com/aspen-dental-management-faces-450k-state-fine/).

In Massachusetts, Aspen paid $1 million dollars to settle a suit by the Attorney General that it defrauded patients (see "Aspen Dental to pay $1 million to settle fraud allegations," Bostonglobe.com). In February 2020, a new class action lawsuit is being formed against Aspen Dental (See "Aspen Dental — class action lawsuit against aspen dental," https://www.complaintsboard.com/aspen-dental-class-action-lawsuit-against-aspen-dental-c361488). And the list goes on!

When you research Aspen Dental, you'll find that rather than face a court and vigorously defend their actions, they will buy their way out of trouble instead. They view fines and payouts as simply a small part of doing business, which is to rake in money from unsuspecting people who don't know Aspen's true record.


The probability of a patient getting well-made removable partial dentures from a clip joint like Aspen is about as likely as Hailey's Comet returning to earth 5 years ahead of schedule.


You hit the nail right on the head!


You would get better treatment in China than at aspen dental. China is where they send for the junk partial frames.

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