Trenton, Michigan
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They are quick to help you apply for a Care Credit card and then bill both your insurance and Care Credit. Poorly fitted dentures and partials with no accountability.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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Yeah, nobody. but shysters bill like Aspen bills.

Most dentists let patients divide the payments between the number of appointments it takes. Making good complete and partial dentures is a skill it takes years to get really good at. I spend AT LEAST 5 appointments over a month and a half just to get dentures completed in the mouth, and at least three appointments after that for adjustment.

Dentures made the right way cost a lot of money as a result. No way young dentists at sleazy clinics like Aspen can do a good job when they are overbooked and always rushed for time.


Sorry you had a terrible experience, but compared to what I went through and I’m still going through, your experiences don’t come close to the other things I have had to endure and still have to go through to correct the botched work. I’m in the process of suing. Maybe I can get enough people to turn this into a Class Action law suit.


Good luck, but Aspen is sued regularly. They got more and better lawyers than you can ever afford!


Might be more productive to get your local TV station to do a story on aspen dental's scams and save more people. Make aspen lose what they love the most, $money.