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As a self-employed 45 yr old with really good teeth and no health or dental insurance, I neglected visiting the dentist for 15 or so years. I had chipped a front tooth several years ago and had since developed a cavity which was causing discoloration, I also was aware of a small surface cavity on another tooth visible when I smiled.

My vanity won and I called Aspen Dental based on their accepting my dental discount card, their advertising (sucker!), their convenient location, and the speed at which I could get an appointment. When I initially called I told them I wanted my front tooth fixed, which of course I could not get without a complete comprehensive exam and x-rays which were offered for free. At my first appointment I was pleasantly surprised. I was treated respectfully and really liked the dentist.

He told me I had 4 cavities, the 2 that I knew of, and two more. My teeth were in great shape for not seeing the dentist for years, no gum disease, and no major work needing done. I did get a soft sell for their "toothbrush", but I wasn't interested and was not pressured. I was told that he was comfortable filling all 4 teeth at one appointment, and off I went to the "office manager" for my "treatment plan" I was given a plan that included procedure codes, the normal charge, the adjustment offered as a result of my dental discount plan, and my out of pocket expense which was upwards of $600.

I was told I had to pay 60% of the total plan before they would schedule my appointment, which was around $350. I whipped out the credit card. I was scheduled for the following week for 4 fillings, but their hygenist was off that day so I would have to come back for my cleaning. Again no problem for me.

When I arrived for my next appointment, I was told that I needed to pay the balance of my "treatment plan" cost to which I replied that I would only pay in full for what I was scheduled for that day. I charged another $40+. When I got into the dentist's chair, a dentist who I had never seen before introduced herself, looked at my "treatment plan" and said I had 5 cavities and she thought she could do "a few" of them today. When I told her I was told I had 4 and that they could all be done at once she asked to see the xrays and told the assistant to cross one of them off the list, there was no cavity there.

And the work began. After 3 cavities were filled, I was told I could get the other done when I came back for my cleaning. Again no problem. I had alot of roughness after polishing, but couldn't tell exactly how much because I was still numb.

I was told that their "bonding" felt a little rough but might brush off. If additional polishing was needed I could just get it done at my next appointment. I was not offered a mirror even though 2 of the cavities had a cosmetic component to them.

On leaving and stopping at the receptionist's desk to schedule my next appointment, I asked for a statement of the work I had done and how much of a credit I had as I didn't get all the work done that I was scheduled for.

I was told I would have a "big" credit, but she couldn't tell me how much until their system updated after 11PM. I got out my "treatment plan" and asked her if she could identify which procedures I had done, and I could do the math. She said she was not able to do that?!? She had to wait of the "insurance to update overnight".

I don't have insurance, just a dental discount plan. The amounts I was to be charged were clear on my "treatment plan". Nope, she had to wait for the "system to update". HUH?

JUST TELL ME WHICH 3 TEETH I HAD FILLED????? NOPE! Though after some pressuring she could identify with a highlighter the error on my "treatment plan" which was the non-existent 5th cavity. After a pretty civil disagreement, and lots of *** from her, I asked her when exactly I could find out how much of a credit I had, I was told that I could call the next morning after 11AM.

Off I went. I called the next morning and was told that I had a $170 credit. When I asked if I could have either a statement mailed or emailed to me as verification, I was told that I could not. It was against "corporate policy".

AND why again couldn't I get it when I was there????? Because their system had not "updated". I was told I would have to come into the office because it was "corporate policy" that any changes in a "treatment plan" had to be done in person. What change in my "treatment plan"??????

Well, it seems the the deletion of the cavity that I DID NOT HAVE constituted a change in my "treatment plan". When I asked why I was not told that the day before while I was IN THEIR OFFICE, I got no answer. And when I asked if their "corporate policy" allowed exceptions for THEIR ERRORS, again I had to come into the office. She got increasingly rude and I asked to speak to the "office manager".

He got on the phone and kept towing the corporate line. Then began speaking to me like I was a 3 year old!!!! At that point I couldn't get to their office fast enough. I arrived shortly after, was seen by the "office manager" after a short wait.

He didn't say a word except to hand me my new "treatment plan" and a statement saying I had a $170 credit. At which point I asked for a refund of the credit and to cancel my appointment. He said nothing, turned to his computer, worked for a few minutes, turned back and said that the credit was processed but it may take up to 6 weeks to get to my credit card company since it had to go through "corporate". When I asked if I could please have a written statement that the credit had been issued, he literally THREW a piece of paper accross the desk at me!!!!!

When I explained to him why I was so upset and disagreed with their "corporate policy", he said in a raised voice "So I made a mistake! I'm sure you've made a mistake or two in your life!" To which I replied "Absolutely, my most recent mistake was coming here." As soon as I was in my car I called my credit card company. They informed me that their agreement with Aspen Dental required the credit to be issued within 2 weeks. I then called Aspen's corporate office, customer satisfaction line, and on and on.

Long story short, after return calls from corporate, and the district manager, I was still pissed, and still had no explanation of what their "corporate policies" are! I am extremely dissatisfied with the two fillings that are visible and have reluctantly agreed to go to a different office further away to see if they can fix them to my satisfaction. But after reading multiple complaints, I am afraid!!!!

Aspen Dental overcharged me initially due to an "error" on my "treatment plan", requested more money than was due for my second appointment, failed to complete the work that I was scheduled and ALREADY PAID FOR during that appointment, and attempted to confuse me by talking in circles for hours!!!!! After reading multiple complaints, I wonder if I hadn't been paying close attention during the first consultation if I would have ended up with 5 fillings?

As a health care professional, I am outraged that a company offering medical or dental services does not offer their patients a super-bill like statement after EVERY appointment that verifies work completed!!!!!!! Read everything! Sign nothing under pressure! Ask for repeated explanations!

Watch your wallet! If you are elderly, easily confused, hard of hearing, or even nervous, take along and a friend or family member as an advocate! If at all possible, do not pay cash or use their credit services, use a third party credit card so you have some avenue of dispute!!!! Document, Document, Document!!!

Or better yet, find a private dentist through personal referrals and ask them to work with you or try a nearby dental school that offers quality care for reduced fees. DO NO GO TO ASPEN DENTAL!!!!! I have 25 years in the healthcare industry with empahsis on healthcare administration, and it can be complicated. However, their attempts to manipulate, confuse, bully and just plain *** were transparent to me.

Please be vigilant!

You are the last line of defense. I'm so upset by my experience and reading some of your stories that this may be my next advocacy mission!

Location: Export, Pennsylvania

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If after reading these reviews you still decide to keep your upcoming visit, you are a complete idiot!


You are not an idiot if you come here. Please,please keep coming to see us.

You have our word we will never rip you off again.

It was a mistake and we love you. Please give us another chance, we can work things out.


I have never been to Aspen Dental and let me tell you why. Every person that I know who has ever went there they come out with a bill that is on the up side of 8,000 dollars.

My father chipped a tooth so he went there and they told him he needed all of his teeth pulled and replaced with dentures, and it would cost about 8 grand. He went to get a second opion and a family dentist fixed his tooth and told him never to go back there. He told my father except for the chipped tooth his teeth were in excellent health,, and that it is Aspen practice to convince people that they need very expensive procedures when they in reality they do not. Then my granddaughter went there, she has beautiful teeth and they told her mother that she needed bar aces that would cost close to 10 grand and if she didn't get the braces right away that her teeth would most likely all have to be pulled by the time she was in her early 20s.

Again when they got a second opinion a "real dentist" told her she might have to have braces but to wait until she was older( she 5 at the time) and they would watch and see how her permanent teeth came in, then if needed they would do braces, But Not Until all of her Permanent teeth came in.

They are a rip off. Never go to Aspen Dental Never


None of what you say is surprising, after seeing many A$pen dental patients for second opinions. One young college student was planned for a mouthful of fillings. I examined his teeth with my x-rays and found no cavities in his mouth- NONE!


The discount plan works in the system like an insurance card. Until the system updates, usually in our pharmacy it is midnight, then they can not show the balance.

You asked a receptionist what you had done.

Do you really think a clerical employee can read an Xray?

The person to ask what you had done is the person doing the work.

I think your issues are your own inflated ego and ignorance.

@Andrea Ahw

Why are you defending aspen dental? They must send alot of pill seekers with unneeded pain scripts to your pharmacy.

@Andrea Ahw

The patient asked the receptionist WHICH of the procedures were posted (billed) that day, and you say the receptionist could not know??? Are you crazy?

All she has to do is look at the ADA codes posted to the patient ledger after treatment.

And what do reading x-rays have to do with it? You have no idea how dental office transactions work.

@Andrea Ahw

Wrong a Dental Discount Plan at Aspen Dental is verified ahead of time and it shows the calculated costs at the time the treatment plan is presented.

@Andrea Ahw

Not even one good review about Aspen Dental !Now, you tell me who the ignorant one is ??You are ...lmao !!!Feel free to make your appointment so you can find out for yourself what a horrible company they are to do business with !!


I had no issues when I went and neither have a few of my friends. As a matter of fact some of their prices were a lot lower then my regular dentist.

I went to Aspen for a second opinion and when I went back to my regular dentist they told me their prices were better or comparable to Aspen.

I found out that wasn't the case. Every office can be different and you shouldn't judge the whole Aspen Dental by one office.


EVERY As$pen dental office is headed by CEO Robert Fontana. Every one is subject to the same pressure to produce billings by the corporate office.

It is impossible for an honest dentist to work at A$pen and remain ethical with all the pressure that management applies to dentists and hygienists. Even if I were to work there, I would be forced to used the equipment and supplies on hand, and the only lab choice would be the crumby ones A$pen contracts with.


Everything stated by the presumed provider is true. SEASONED DENTIST hits every major pitfall of the Aspen system. The cold cured prosthetics are innately inferior.


Every office is headed by the dentist that owns it, not Robert Fontana you idiot. The dentists call the shots and do not need to verify anything with corporate.


No dentist owns any Aspen Dental. The offices are NOT franchises. The fake owner dentist owns only a shell corporation and lies to the state board of dentistry to make the setup look legal to authorities.


To make the long story short. I went to Aspen for two cavities, I ended up with two broken teeth & four fillings.

They used such high pressure on the water that it cracked two teeth & at one point I choked very badly because they pointed the water at the back of my throat. I was told I had to get my old fillings replaced before they could do new ones. They weren't near the teeth I needed fixed. I now need almost $10,000 in Dental work.

I don't have insurance & can't afford it, I now have problems eating! Stay far away from this place!


Yeah i went im for a check up and they said i need $3,000 worth if work on my teeth. I went to the family dentist i just needed a cleaninh a cap on one tooth..

Aspen Dental are the Donald Trumps of Dentistry. Not to mention the assistant made fun of my ethnic name by coming into the lobby saying "Im not even going to try to pronounce this name" was very embarrasing she could have just asked me how my name is Kente.

@Oseas Oqy

I'm never irritated or embarrassed when someone says they aren't even going to try and pronounce my name. It's better than hearing them in the waiting room calling someone and you don't recognize they're calling you, the pronunciation is so off.


shut up


Yep! They got me too.




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