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Aspen Dental, especially the Battle Creek office ... WORTHLESS.

I called because I was in pain at the time and needed to set up an extensive plan with the Battle Creek Aspen office. They said first I needed x rays, understandable. I made an apt but still had to wait 45 minutes to get back. In pain, I set up the plan that day, paid $1300.00 (the 60% upfront required) and was told to come back in a week.

I returned a week later to realize they were going to clean my teeth first (paid another $160) that was all for that apt. I was told to then make my apt to take a look at the tooth in pain, which was another TWO weeks away. In the meantime I am STILL in pain and have paid $1500.00 for nothing up until this month later point. I called the emergency line one night- he talked to me like I was a drug seeker.

This guy is an arrogant ***. He was rude. I called the next morning and couldn't get in for another 5 days.

I hadn't slept in a week, couldn't eat, with a swollen mouth. All for $1500!

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