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My company switched insurance carries, so I had to find a new dentist in my network. I made an appointment over the phone with Aspen Dental for a routine cleaning and checkup on a Tues. at 5:30. They took MANY x-rays, tried to sell me oral cancer screening and did not inform me until 7:00, when I specifically asked about the cleaning, that they do not do cleanings on the 1st visit. They acted surprised that I was not informed of this when making the appointment, but no one bothered to tell me every time I mentioned it in my 2-hour visit either. They wanted to re-schedule me for a cleaning and told me it would cost me $62. Needless to say, I left and found a different dentist. I did call my insurance company to inquire about that charge of $62 they wanted me to pay and was informed that they have the right to charge me up front but would have to reimburse me once ins. paid. Since ins. only pays for x-rays once a year, I went by Aspen Dental to pick up the ones they did to take to my new dentist and they charged me $10. That place is all about money, not customer service!

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Aspen Dental has fair prices and never force any grown adult to agree and sign anything they dont want to. People need to stop blaming them for suggesting a treatment plan a board certified dentist gives them.

Grow up and take responsibility of your life.

Stop playing the blame game. Its pathetic


I would be really surprised if a patient got a cleaning on the first visit UNLESS there is an opening in the schedule AFTER being examined by the dentist. Patients sometimes need a more advanced cleaning depending on the state of their gums..there are many factors.


Kasey at Aspen Dental has been hired to bribe people and keep patients from complaining to the dental boards and seeking legal advice to remedy their situation. Do not be fooled.

She is paid to sit behind a computer all day, go to different websites, and find fires and put them out.

The state dental board and complaint intake unit will make sure that you receive JUSTICE and the next patients will too. Call your state regulatory body today and they will be fully held responsible for their illegal, immoral, and unethical actions.


I went in with the appointment just like you, for cleaning and just checking out. It's true, they do not clean on the first visit.

They should have told me this before...

They lie to you, they make excuses... I would NEVER go to Aspen Dental again!!!!!


The cleaning thing is a lie. They DO give cleanings on the first visit. That is a blatant lie on their part.


Patient Satisfaction? HAH!

I would be willing to reach out to them.... reach out and smack them in the face that is.


Our goal is to provide every patient with quality care in an atmosphere that is welcoming and respectful, and I apologize that your visit did not meet those expectations.

You should have been informed prior to your appointment that your first visit would consist of a comprehensive exam, X-rays and consultation (not a cleaning), and I apologize if that didn't happen. Regarding the x-rays, please understand that it’s not unusual for a dental office to charge a patient for copies of their x-rays.

We'd really like to have the opportunity to resolve this with you directly. Would you be willing to reach out to our Patient Satisfaction team? They can be reached at 1-866-273-8606 or .

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