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Had teeth work done at aspen dental, i was introduced to a no interest 18 month promotion, was told to make a standard payment so i paid extra, so in the mean time had to go back for more work, so i had another promotion, well with that said, i was already making a payment on the first one , noticed my payment didnt change when adding the second promotion, .so here is want they do instead of adding them or giving you another payment , they take your original payment thinking your paying off the first promotion, taking money from your payment to pay the second one, so doing this it lowers your payment on the first promotion, with that said now you wont be able to meet the promotion date on the fisrt one, and then they charge you all the back interest. I call it a scam, making customers think you can pay your normal payment to pay off a promotion. Dont deal with dental first, your be sorry.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Wow. Sounds like aspen is trying to refinance people's houses using a retarded used car salesman and maybe look at your teeth too.


Do you REALLY want to deal with professionals who run their practice with "promotions" like Ginzu knife bonuses on TV? Do you REALLY think you will be a winner over a dentist who has an HONEST fee schedule?

Geez, so many patients are like sheep lined up to be fleeced, trying to save a nickel It is so worth it, dude, to have a competent and honest dentist.

There are plenty of them around in every corner of the USA. FIND ONE, and forget the fleabag corporate dental mills!

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