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Even though my husband is please with his LOWER dentures, we were totally suckered into paying over $6,000 for them. Because he really needed them, we were enticed into financing $2,500 after a down-payment of over $400.

Because of his physical and mental state at the time, he didn't read all of the fine print. We have been paying $100 or more a month for last couple of years. We still owe as of today, $1,746.00 because he did not see the part about being charged the TOTAL interest (not just what we owed) because the entire amount had not been paid off. They did two times since we started.

One time they added over $600 in interest and this time it was over $700. He was also talked into getting an up-grade for a price of over $600. Then, you think you have an account that you can use any time - WRONG.

In order to use the financing, your visit has to be $200 or more. His bottom dentures are nice but NOT worth the price.

Reason of review: Financing/interest charged.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Aspen Dental Cons: Not explaining fully disclosing rules of financing.

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Aspen dental in *** georgia will trick you in a heartbeat into something big surprise especially if you're 55 and over...I saw it all on that day they gets your hopes so high in the cloud thinking you will comfy dentures with big teeth in a little mouth....That dentist does not need to be taking nobody teeth out without doctor prescription he filled that lady gums full of antibiotic that shes allergic to it...and did the exstraction that he was torching her mouth that her right jaw was way too far could damages her throat...She looked sooooo terrified....I wonder how much she paid for being torching by chowdhury...They will love to have your money than worrying your health problems..Trick you in that dental first financial without giving you copies of application and payment plans....Cause its in their computer system in their office.....Fraudster is their new name....


But you legally can’t sign if you’re not in a normal mental state. That’s why they ask about payment first. Y’all just don’t read or listen


“Wah,.. I can’t read :(“


Yes, I agree. I financed a close friend who needed teeth from Aspen Dental (upper and lower) chose the best they had.

I had credit and he didn't, financed over $4,000 to have $100/monthly payments but their interest kills you. Half of payment goes towards interest. He had to go back several times to get top teeth fitted correctly and to this date bottom teeth he doesn't wear cause not fitted right. On top of that, the dentist that he started out with left on April 15,2019 &we didn't recognize any other staff members.

His procedure began around middle of February 2019. I'm hoping to get a personal unsecured loan to pay this debt off at a much lower interest rate.


My husband needed dental work that they totaled at $4000 so we agreed to financing but only for the procedures as they were done. Turns out that's not how Aspen Dental rolls.

They charged for the procedure, plus the next one they wanted to schedule him for. When we disputed this and they dragged their feet, Comenity contacted me about being in default and that the total balance we owed was due. Several months and a completed payment plan later, I get a statement that I still owe $150 with $67 in fees.

DO NOT USE ASPEN DENTAL OR COMENITY CAPITAL BANK!!! They just want to con you out of your money and treat you like an idiot.


Dental first are loan sharks. They have distroyed my credit from 720 to now at 400.

Im not payingbthem any more money. They can sebd my account to a third party collections. This will at least stop the interest from accumulations and the collections calls.

They call me 8 times a day even when i was in the middle of hurrican dorian. I would not recommend this finance companynto anyone.


Same thing happens to me


You are right, they sucks.


It is a total ripoff


YOU not paying them destroyed YOUR credit. This began with YOU not bothering to READ or UNDERSTAND what you were getting into. Let your foolishness serve as a warning to others to not trade with this place or any other place IF you don't understand the terms or plan to honor them.


They put on your statement on the first page IN RED I might add, that if you don’t pay it off by the agreed time then you’ll have to pay finance charges from original purchase. This info is on EVERY.

Single statement every month. Maybe just pay attention next time hun.


That’s how all financing works. Don’t blame the company for not reading every statement that comes in the mail.


Maybe capitalists shouldn't *** exisit?


The promotional interest rate is a scam! If I have no interest for 14 or what months why am I being charged so much every damn month when it’s only been 3 months?!?!?


I will never get a dental loan from them again. I went online thinking I made a payment and it had not gone through then I get non stop calls that say unavailable so I did not realize it was Dental first financing because they did not even bother to leave me a message. I can't wait to pay my loan off and be rid of them.


You Know what?? They did the same EXACT thing to my Husband!!

they Are Illegal!! the told us he upgraded and did not! but dental first still charged him the upgraded now he got both sets/ 8500.00!!!!!!! CRAZY!!!

Nice But no where worth it!!

I think ASPEN DENTAL Along with DENTAL FIRST NEEDS to be INVESTIGATED!!!! They are a crooked as the day is Long!!!!


I did it destroyed my credit,


Dental first financing is a complete scam!!! DO NOT USE!!!!!

I paid down my account to the last $197 EARLY and was charged $800 in interest just days before my final payment!

Now owe $1000 all over again. I do not recommend at all!!!!


I called to make a settlement of 1,600.00 they said the bill is 2,700.00 all I could come up with is what I got and it was not excepted


I disagree with most of the negative comments about Aspen dental and their financing. My experience has been different than most maybe because I read everything that was asked to sign.

I fully understood what I was getting myself into when I financed what my insurance didnt cover. I fully understood the terms and what I was expected to pay back. I was told up front how much it would cost and what I was expected to pay in monthly payments. They give you a full year without intrest to pay back what you have financed.

Its on your monthly statement if you dont pay back before the year date you will pay all the accrued intrest and your intrest starts accumulating every month. All you had to do is read and ask questions.

That's all I did. I've payed back in full what I financed with no intrest charges.