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Even though my husband is please with his LOWER dentures, we were totally suckered into paying over $6,000 for them. Because he really needed them, we were enticed into financing $2,500 after a down-payment of over $400.

Because of his physical and mental state at the time, he didn't read all of the fine print. We have been paying $100 or more a month for last couple of years. We still owe as of today, $1,746.00 because he did not see the part about being charged the TOTAL interest (not just what we owed) because the entire amount had not been paid off. They did two times since we started.

One time they added over $600 in interest and this time it was over $700. He was also talked into getting an up-grade for a price of over $600. Then, you think you have an account that you can use any time - WRONG.

In order to use the financing, your visit has to be $200 or more. His bottom dentures are nice but NOT worth the price.

Reason of review: Financing/interest charged.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

I didn't like: Not explaining fully disclosing rules of financing.

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This is so true! And Aspen is a joke!!



They make it sound good till you give your personal information and then nailed you with highest prices so they can go on vacations...And they will pulled out all teeth right there in their office but not in hospital...Whether you have health issues...They will mess up your payment plans so you will have bad credit and do hardship...And your credit score will be ugly.. Better have a lawyer as backup cause they hired wannbe dentist or lab person thats going to mess it up..I saw this lady in *** they really mess up her dentures bad..I decided not use aspen dental in *** ga...They gave theirselve a bad name...I was there when that girl told her she didnt have to pay last year i think it was in june and it was wrong to tell it..I wonder if that poor old ladyy who couldnt eat but drink her foods still around...


Aspen dental is very high on their payment and very tricky too.The one in *** georgia this lady messed me up on my psyment saying i didnt have to pay in june now I got behind on account of her now I have to do hardship thanks to her...Thats not all comenity is dental first financial closed my account down and wrote as charged off..And ruining my credit score a big time... but I am doing hardship and still paying them...Shouldn't I get a big lawyer on those 2 big companies????


I agree, I went in for a couple of fillings, was talked into scaling treatment, booked and paid for my scaling and follow up appointments for the fillings. After a 3 month period they were unable to see me for my follow up appointments, twice I turned up and was advised the dentist is sick, the dentist is dealing with an emergency, despite numerous calls into their office manager, I didn’t receive a single callback and when I turned up in person she was conveniently with a customer. I never got the treatment I wanted just a $1.5k bill for work I never wanted in the first place and a lot of wasted time and money.

to Anonymous #1676829

I took my spouse in for dental work and they fitted him with a upper denture that causes him blisters and we're being told there is nothing they can do. That that is final product.


This happened to me. The finance person at Aspen said if I pay at least my minimum each then I'll never have to pay interest.


Dental First said 'I dont know why she would have said that'. Aspen's response was along the lines of 'I don't know why she would have said that/you signed it despite the microscopic terms on the paper".


I disagree with these posts. They told me upfront about the financing.

Even told me they do a pre-qualify before actually submitting it. I also got the 6 months interest free. I have several credit cards with Comenity Bank and Comenity Capital Bank. I've never had any issues with them.

I do however pay on or before the due date.....I'm glad I was offered it. Even got approved for more than 2 times the amount I needed. I have no complaints about the Aspen Dental here in my hometown. They helped me and worked me in when I needed it.

I had a dental implant crown come off the screw.

Luckily I didn't swallow it and it snapped back in to place til I called and got an appointment with Aspen that Monday. They were the only one around that worked me in same day I called.


I am going through the same thing.......Has anyone that has used Comenity dental really had legal action against them. I could write a book about my experience and can identify with the stories that people have written. They are threatening me with legal action......I told them they cannot get blood out of a stone as my health as taken a dramatic turn and my first priority as no longer my mouth.

to Carol A. Boor #1651483

I was not aware they ran my credit, They never said we are going to run your credit to see if you qualify for anything. Now I'm stuck with this hard inquiry on my credit report because of them!!! And it will not let me for the life of me dispute it!!


Aspirin Dental is not using a payment plan through their very own company because they are over charging their patients. I was being charged 1500 for a routine cleaning that my insurance covers.

I was offered Dental First Financing to pay for the procedure instead of being billed monthly like I was for some previous work that I had done. I inquired this matter with my insurance company and was told not to pay for any dental work up front without any work being done.


I was done the same way and they even put an electric toothbrush in my bag without me knowing and charged me over 100$ for a toothbrush.

to Anonymous #1675745

I got the toothbrush too thought it was thank you gift for being a new patient until I saw the bill.




Went there. Some 20 year old dentist tried to sell me some cheep denture with brown teeth. He said they had to match because of the cigerattes smoking.


Do not finance with dental first comenity bank they are reepuff.

to Yveline cole #1633083

I was charged a $27 late fee even though my payment was earlier than due date. A double payment was credited to the previous month and no payment for the following month.

No adjustment for late fee because payment was posted a day too early.

The fee charge was for an early payment LOL. Ripped off


I also agree. Because of an accident I was in I had to have all upper and all but four bottom teeth pulled.

At that time I was still suffering from a broken femur and shattered knee cap. I was ushered in like I was on an assembly line. Nothing was explained they just put me out. I will agree that I should of asked what they were doing but I figured I knew.

I woke up in a room by myself in a regular upright chair with my leg at an angle that it should not have been in. It took me a bit to even realize where I was but when I moved the pain was awful in my leg and knee. A girl walked out and said good you are awake grabbed my arm as if to make me get up and out of chair. Mind you I still had quite a buzz on.

I pulled my arm away and told her to go get my husband. He then got me out to car. I should have realized then that this was not a place where I should do business. Bottoms continually fall out and the tops are not much better.

Have been back several times and pretty much treated the same every time. Only a few that work in this location are decent people the others act like they could care less. Found all kinds of hidden costs. The girl who wrote up my original plan for some reason was fired.

Hmm wonder why. But I am still stuck with the payments because I did not read the fine print and she literally lied when telling me what was covered.

If you want to be treated like you are on an assembly line then I suggest going to Aspen. Oh and the chair episode set me way back on my progress of healing

to Me #1632796

They are doing me the same way. They told me I was paying things that later they had no idea what I was talking about.

We shouldn't be held responsible to read there codes on the bills. You think when they tell you you're paying for something that's what your getting. She forgot the Vaseline when that billing lady got me. They must work off of a commission.

Other wise why would this be going on every where. I went to Aspen in Gallatin TN. Know I have physical damage to my mouth because of there incompetent work. And was charged for classic dentures but received basic.

I call the billing lady the over billing lady. And a lying piece of you know what


I feel the same ,my bill do not seem to be reducing at all even thpugh i pay my bill on time. I also feel as if this is a rip-off. I would not do this again.


Is no one here familiar with the concept of interest deferred financing? It's pretty standard stuff. Nothing is being done here that isn't being done anywhere else.

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