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Even though my husband is please with his LOWER dentures, we were totally suckered into paying over $6,000 for them. Because he really needed them, we were enticed into financing $2,500 after a down-payment of over $400.

Because of his physical and mental state at the time, he didn't read all of the fine print. We have been paying $100 or more a month for last couple of years. We still owe as of today, $1,746.00 because he did not see the part about being charged the TOTAL interest (not just what we owed) because the entire amount had not been paid off. They did two times since we started.

One time they added over $600 in interest and this time it was over $700. He was also talked into getting an up-grade for a price of over $600. Then, you think you have an account that you can use any time - WRONG.

In order to use the financing, your visit has to be $200 or more. His bottom dentures are nice but NOT worth the price.

This reviewer shared experience about "financing/interest charged" and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any) as the author lost $1300. The author is overall dissatisfied with Aspen Dental. The most disappointing about dentures from Aspen Dental was not explaining fully disclosing rules of financing Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Aspen Dental very expensive!!!


I would not go thru Aspen Dental. They ripped me off.

top teeth good enough for me to wear to work.

I have been back many time for bottom teeth still can not wear. Plus Comenity Dental First Financing calls me every other day to remind me when my payment is due....Like I am stupid.


Do not use this company. If you don't use them, they will continue to charge you interest..DO NOT EVEN SIGN THEIR PAPERWORK..


Aspen dental is very tricky so pay attention in everything they do and watch out those wanna help you get the bedt smiles like 4 wisdom teeth taken out $5 grands and cleaning too.One ole lady came in *** office was not very happy with her dentures that she can’t even smile cause they are so huge for mouth she got small mouth.And they do 3rd party comenity dentalfirst finance without you getting a card from them is illegal for them to do that.Did you know comenity do hardships that can hurt your credit too.But help you in long runs for 5 years instead shorter years so its best get a lawyers who dealt with these comenity bank in ohio and all aspen dental place.So whatever you do make sure you tell your lawyer you’re paying for your loved ones who maybe deceased on your account that should’ve never been added by aspen dental company like dawsonville ga aspen dental did to cause more money and comenity bank will not take that deceased person off the record.Consult all your information between aspen dental and comenity bank to your real lawyer.If you’re not satisfied with any of them companies then its should be wrote off as paided off for mess up your smiles.


Double charged for one procedure! Difficult to resolve the problem!


I will never go to Rome Ga Aspen Dental again..They have comenity bank financing .These people are crooked..I am finally down to 2200.00 for a tooth extraction and a cleaning..How this company can get to your credit report drop it extremely in just one entry,and still charge these outrageous interest charges is unreal...I will do everything I can to show everyone how these people rip off their customers..


I was also succered into paying thousands more ans still paying it off

to margaret #1528181

Similar issues


That aspen dental in *** ga that young girl lied to me about my bill won’t be due till july.They charged me a high price on relined my top denture that wont fit makes me so embarrassed to open my mouth and It doesn’t make that company look good at all.If you don’t know how to do it right then you need to payoff all the patients bills off


I know the feeling after all this commotion on higher financing they trying to make money by ripping ppl off by using free xray so please read fine prints before signing anything.But sometimes its a life threatening to anyone health who have dental infection for many years got to get all pulled out so health can heal up and enjoy life with grandkids and family.So pick a lower payment with longer months.But do a budget before deciding


I also used the dental first from ASPEN dentalthey told me I would not have interest on my account as long as i paid it by the due date. I also think that they screwed up my teeth before i went to them i had no problems with my teeth. After I got my cavities filled i have to floss between my one set of teeth or i am I ALOT of pain until I do.

to Anonymous #1503383

I had the same experience. I had my $2400 bill down to under $300...never missed a payment.

After the hurricane things were a little tight, but I made the on time payment...they tacked on $700 worth of interest. The way it was explained to me was that I would have to pay interest on the remaining balance.

Nope...the charges the entire thing. Bad business...bad company.

to Anonymous #1528183

Similar issues


Yeah They can do whatever they want to do to make that money to make a living.But what they dont know is your budget that they don’t care.Sometimes you have to tell them you can’t afford it that high or tell them you’re on a fixed income.Don’t go to dawsonville aspen dental they are so pushy and demanded and tricky.But if life threatening that your teeth and gum are so full of infections ,be thankful that dentist saved your life.My aspen dentist choudhury in *** did mine and i am thankful I’m alive.


Agreed You end up paying the original price 4times over


I changed my mind and had NO work done and they want me to pay instrest on money I NEVER used , not one cent

to Anonymous #1514912

Where do you stand with them now. What did you have to do to correct the charges


Please don't go to Aspen . They are scammers.

They charged me for an appointment I never went to and I had the finance place calling me for payments. Aspen got paid for work they never did and expected me to just pay it .


Yes I agree with you I'm being sued to this very day and I'm gonna fight like *** I was inticed just like you and I haven't received any dentures top. Or bottom at all so way should I pay and my gums still sore and can't some time chew ,talk,or eat I have no smile cause I got no teeth Aspen dental has disfigured my face I feel I should be able to sue them.


Well, dont get all pissed off and blame them. If you dont want it, dont get it!

Simple as that, and its not like they hid it from you or blacked out that part! Regardless, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR READING THOSE PRINTS, WORD FOR WORD! You also are responsible for asking questions, for making sure you understand what kind of contract, committment you are getting yourself into, whether or not they mention EVERYTHING TO YOU OR ONLY IN SHORT BRIEF TERMS. You are given the forms, asked to read through the terms and conditions and then only sign if you agree!


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