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Even though my husband is please with his LOWER dentures, we were totally suckered into paying over $6,000 for them. Because he really needed them, we were enticed into financing $2,500 after a down-payment of over $400.

Because of his physical and mental state at the time, he didn't read all of the fine print. We have been paying $100 or more a month for last couple of years. We still owe as of today, $1,746.00 because he did not see the part about being charged the TOTAL interest (not just what we owed) because the entire amount had not been paid off. They did two times since we started.

One time they added over $600 in interest and this time it was over $700. He was also talked into getting an up-grade for a price of over $600. Then, you think you have an account that you can use any time - WRONG.

In order to use the financing, your visit has to be $200 or more. His bottom dentures are nice but NOT worth the price.

Reason of review: Financing/interest charged.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

I didn't like: Not explaining fully disclosing rules of financing.

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I also agree. Because of an accident I was in I had to have all upper and all but four bottom teeth pulled.

At that time I was still suffering from a broken femur and shattered knee cap. I was ushered in like I was on an assembly line. Nothing was explained they just put me out. I will agree that I should of asked what they were doing but I figured I knew.

I woke up in a room by myself in a regular upright chair with my leg at an angle that it should not have been in. It took me a bit to even realize where I was but when I moved the pain was awful in my leg and knee. A girl walked out and said good you are awake grabbed my arm as if to make me get up and out of chair. Mind you I still had quite a buzz on.

I pulled my arm away and told her to go get my husband. He then got me out to car. I should have realized then that this was not a place where I should do business. Bottoms continually fall out and the tops are not much better.

Have been back several times and pretty much treated the same every time. Only a few that work in this location are decent people the others act like they could care less. Found all kinds of hidden costs. The girl who wrote up my original plan for some reason was fired.

Hmm wonder why. But I am still stuck with the payments because I did not read the fine print and she literally lied when telling me what was covered.

If you want to be treated like you are on an assembly line then I suggest going to Aspen. Oh and the chair episode set me way back on my progress of healing


I feel the same ,my bill do not seem to be reducing at all even thpugh i pay my bill on time. I also feel as if this is a rip-off. I would not do this again.


Is no one here familiar with the concept of interest deferred financing? It's pretty standard stuff. Nothing is being done here that isn't being done anywhere else.




I had similiar situation. Aspen is NOT a dental office but a FRONT FOR THIS FINANCE COMPANY


I WAS SUCKED INTO FINANCING A PROCEDURE ALSO, the loan payment wasn't explained properly to me by ASPEN, I was given a minumium payment figure due monthly in order to pay off the loan, so I picked a 18month plan. surprise, surprise.

I get slapped with almost $2000.00 interest bill then it was cause my credit score to drop and when I called Aspen they didn't want to take any responsiably.

I stopped going there. I am just trying to paid off this damn loan.

to Anonymous #1587548

I went to the Aspen Dental in Quincy, MA.


Yes they are full of ***


I was suckered in as well,but Aspen knew what was happening.aspen dental is crooks.


Same happen with me. They took $800 from the finace without any treatment and strated charging the interest. So DO NOT DO FINANCING WITH ASPEN.


I had zero issues. They give you all the paperwork pertaining to the financing, so it's no secret that if you don't pay the balance off during the defered interest period, you will see hundreds added to your bill as interest is charged on the total amount.


I also got ripped off too. I financed $2760 paid it down to $1400 then they ballooned it to $2270 saying I had interest tacked back on.

They were not very clear about the financing terms and agreement. I feel that even if I missed something $860 interest was highway robbery.


I carried my daughter there. Very dissatisfied with the hole place aspen dental and finances.

My to was $2500. Supposedly paid for a top partial plate she got a temporary that didn't even fit. Carried her to another dentist. He couldn't believe she had been to a dentist at all.

I also thought that the finance charges would be on the balance. Very bad experience.


Same thing here, Only I had a Deep Clean, 1 root Canal against my wishes, and 1 back tooth pulled. Comenity Capital Bank Bank $6400.00 ARE YOU *** KIDDING ME.

I feel for you. There are quite few Calss Action Suits going on now, you may want to join one.


Aspen Dental very expensive!!!


I would not go thru Aspen Dental. They ripped me off.

top teeth good enough for me to wear to work.

I have been back many time for bottom teeth still can not wear. Plus Comenity Dental First Financing calls me every other day to remind me when my payment is due....Like I am stupid.


Do not use this company. If you don't use them, they will continue to charge you interest..DO NOT EVEN SIGN THEIR PAPERWORK..


Aspen dental is very tricky so pay attention in everything they do and watch out those wanna help you get the bedt smiles like 4 wisdom teeth taken out $5 grands and cleaning too.One ole lady came in *** office was not very happy with her dentures that she can’t even smile cause they are so huge for mouth she got small mouth.And they do 3rd party comenity dentalfirst finance without you getting a card from them is illegal for them to do that.Did you know comenity do hardships that can hurt your credit too.But help you in long runs for 5 years instead shorter years so its best get a lawyers who dealt with these comenity bank in ohio and all aspen dental place.So whatever you do make sure you tell your lawyer you’re paying for your loved ones who maybe deceased on your account that should’ve never been added by aspen dental company like dawsonville ga aspen dental did to cause more money and comenity bank will not take that deceased person off the record.Consult all your information between aspen dental and comenity bank to your real lawyer.If you’re not satisfied with any of them companies then its should be wrote off as paided off for mess up your smiles.


Double charged for one procedure! Difficult to resolve the problem!


I will never go to Rome Ga Aspen Dental again..They have comenity bank financing .These people are crooked..I am finally down to 2200.00 for a tooth extraction and a cleaning..How this company can get to your credit report drop it extremely in just one entry,and still charge these outrageous interest charges is unreal...I will do everything I can to show everyone how these people rip off their customers..

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