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I was recommended to go to Aspen Dental by my sister who is a patient there after I had part of my back molar break off---I also at the same time had a wisdom tooth trying to come through that had gotten impacted and was causing me pain around the same time. I had my x-rays done and went back to wait for the dentist who came back and immediatly said that I needed to have several teeth pulled and I would need partials or dentures.

I was told I had only 2 cavities but had bone loss. I was shocked and even though that I know eventually I may need dentures I was not ready to get dentures at the age of 42. I was not having any pain other than the wisdom tooth so when I told her that is not what I wanted to do she became argumentive with me and kept trying to push the denture/partials issue with me. I kept further declining and we came up with a plan to pull the broke molar (even though she wanted to pull the one behind it and another one too!

for what reason I don't really know) and I was going to go back for a deep cleaning and another visit to fill my two cavities. I went to talk to the finance person who told me that it was going to be over $800 and my insurance would pay almost half of that. When I asked how much each thing was she told me the x-rays and exam were over $200 and I asked about the big sign in the window that says $19 for new patients and she proceeded to tell me that it was only for patients without insurace, I told her that was a bit misleading. She wanted me to pay all of it at once and I told her I would rather pay as I go so I paid over $200 for the x-rays and exam.

I came home and feeling horrible I talked to friends and family who said that it was nuts that they wanted me to get dentures so I came here and found so many complaints about the same thing. Pushing people to get dentures (young people at that!). This is their way of making the biggest buck off of someone in the shortest amount of time and work. After researching I found a good dentist who I will be seeing tomorrow morning to address the issue of my swollen wisdom tooth (which they never even addressed) and the broken tooth that is still there.

I spoke to the receptionist at the new dentist who knew exactly who I was talking about without me even telling her it was Aspen Dental. She couldn't believe what they had done to me. She told me they would prescribe me something for pain and an antibiotic if needed for my wisdom tooth and file down my broke tooth if they can't extract it tomorrow. This was the most inhumane dental practice I have ever been too.

They play on people's self-esteem about thier teeth and talk people into things they will regret. Shame on them!

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They also attempted to push me into buying dentures...and I was only 26 at the time. I had impacted wisdom teeth, and two teeth sitting next to the impacted wisdom teeth were broke and needed to be pulled.

The dentist told me I would need partials so my teeth "wouldn't look spaced out like a goofy redneck." They quoted me a price of over $7000. I told them to sit on it and spin.

A week later, I went to an oral surgeon and had the teeth pulled, 6 of them, for $1000...and NO need for dentures of any kind. I was not insulted in any way, either.


That is so unprofessional, I would like to know where these dentists come from? Hopefully someone is checking their credentials?

The girl I had looked like she was in her lower 20's and they called her Kylee, no-one ever referred to her as Dr. seems a little strange to me. The best part of my conversation was when I told her that I didn't think I would be comfortable wearing dentures because I have a small mouth, she said I would have to get used to it, she compared it to getting a leg amputated and getting use to wearing a prosthetic leg. I couldn't believe my ears!

I went to another dentist in a small father/son practice and he referred me to a oral surgeon, prescribed me an antibiotic and something for pain. he also filed down my back molar until I can get it pulled. He said that I don't need dentures right now and they do everything they can to save someone's own teeth and that dentures should always be the last resort.

Even though I was able to get away from there with only $200 out of my pocket, I still feel like I was violated in some way. I hope you get your crowns and get out of there unscathed.


This has been the most unpleasant and unprofession trip I have ever had to a dentist and that includes 6 years of wearing braces and having two sets of wisdom teeth removed. I am scared to death to go back but have to because I have 3 temporary crowns in my mouth.

The one dentist worked on my mouth for over 4 hours. I was never told I would be there that long, in fact the other dentist had already numbed the one side of my mouth when the next one came along and numbed theother side before I realized what he was doing. Then it was like I was held hostage, I couldn't do anything but sit there. This dentist was watching The Price is Right talking to be about a beautiful black pregnant model that was on there.

There were times when he would just stop and watch television. (IT would have probably taken an hour less time had he not being doing all of this.) At one point he was clapping his hands and stomping his feet and his assistant told him to stop playing and get busy I wanted to go I had 3 temporary crowns put on and 2 fillings at 1 sitting. I have chronic pancreatitis so I need to eat several times a day and take medication which obviously I wasn't able to do. I lost one of the crowns when I went back in this particular dentist said I am going to have to extract this tooth and make you a bridge.

I pitched a fit and he said well maybe I can save your tooth and he did. Amazing! When I asked how much a bridge would cost he said I won't charge you anything, I found out later, he meant he wouldn't charge me anything but Aspen dental would. I have read where these shady characters do a lot of unnecessary extractions.

My husband is going with me today to have the permanent ones put on, my husband told them I had better leave with the same number of teeth I had when I first came to them. I am so sorry I got mixed up with this bunch.

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