This corporate dental organization is a joke, they only care about money not the patient. The horrible part is that they treat their employees like slaves with no respect, its all about volume and numbers rather than patient care.

Once you commit to treatment and they get your money they could care less about you.

Keep in mind I am refering to the coroporate side of this organization, the doctors are great, its a shame that Aspen treats them like rats. I dont recommend contributing any of your hard earned dollars to this organization, you will be happier some place else.

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Albany, New York, United States #740790

They are great here in Saratoga. I have had no problems w/ the office or Dentists.

They have been a God send for me who couldn't afford dental work due to being on SSD. I am finally taking care of me thanx to them.


Hey "satisfied Aspen Customer"

It is OK to make money but not rip people and insurance companies off and provide substandard care. You need to crawl out from under the rock!!!!!


and you don't think that is what all offices are about? making money to keep the office doors open and pay the staff? crawl out from the rock.............


I agree the do treat their employees like slaves, i should know i used to work in the corp. office, and it is all about numbers, and volume. they don't care about the patient or employee.

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