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I visited Aspen dental in hope of a nice smile, I wasn't asking for perfect just decent. This is such a sham with all the unnecessary office visits, every week sometime twice a week for 6 months.

During one of my visits I was sitting in the dentist chair, I was able to look into the next clinical room, the dental assistant came into my room without changing her gloves asking me to open my mouth, I told her you did not change your gloves, she lied and said she did. Unaware of the fact that I can see into the next room she walked out went over to the next room took the soiled gloves off and came back with no gloves on, then she reached in the box of gloves in my room pulled out a new pair and put them on. I'm sitting here asking myself how many times has it happened? Who are these people?

They have close to $5,000 of my money I know I'm not going to get it back this is scary. I took out a loan with them for around $2,000, every time I had a procedure done they would charge this to my credit card, a card I was not aware that I applied for plus I never received a card. I paid for every procedure with this ghost credit card, this caused my credit score to drop. One day I decided to check my credit score for no particular reason, this place had caused my credit score to drop about 48 points because of their foolishness.

I brought this issue to their attention, and they are all standing there dumbfounded saying this is the way we do everybody. People check your credit scores these people are jacking you up. Anyway, I ended up with teeth where I bit my tongue a thousand times, they supposedly readjusted them, now I only bite my tongue about 500 a day, they finally got them down to biting my tongue about three or four times a day, and they told me they couldn't file them down anymore because then they would be too thin and probably break. My final bottom denture curves to the right which is very obvious.

I never received the permanent top dentures now they are saying they never told me the top dentures was temporary they were always permanent, they are such liars. Now I wouldn't believe anything that come out of their mouth. All my friends keep telling me to go back and insist that they either do this right or refund my money well, I knew that was a waste of time. This scam is as big as the Enron scam and someone is racking up more $$$$$$ than Bernie Madoff.

My heart goes out to all the unhappy people that visited Aspen dental, I know how you feel. I believe somehow, some way, someone

is going to be held responsible for this Ponzi scheme.

Unhappy and pissed in Alabama.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Location: Smiths Station, Alabama

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Alabama or Alaska, you are destined to be shafted at Aspen. These crooks now have 800 scam shops across the US.

It is a recipe for disaster when Wall Street investors own dental offices instead of licensed dentists. Once patients get dentures their tongues often shrink in size, but not always.

It could have been that your dentures were made with arches that are too narrow. Get a second opinion from a seasoned older dentist.

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