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So.Getting old isnt fun! Being almost 71, as a child in the 50s, dental care wasnt a priority.

We brushed and saw a dentist only when necessary. As a consequence, I have a mouth full of fillings. Finally, I need to have work done so I made an appointment at Aspen Dental in Plattsburgh, NY, received a treatment plan and went home to contemplate further action. 1st appt.

for a deep cleaning was a shock. No explanation about their payment requirements was offered before I arrived. I was completely blindsided. They insisted on an upfront payment of approximately $1600.00.

This was a percentage of the TOTAL cost of the treatment plan. Now, I dont mind paying the estimated amount thats left after approved insurance payments and AFTER the procedure is completed, but they wanted payment for treatment that hadnt been done. I once managed a medical office. We collected co-payments at the time of the appointment but not for procedures that MIGHT happen later on down the road.

I couldnt believe what was happening. Also, they refused to do ANY work until the deep cleaning (approximately $2,500) was done. I need extractions as one tooth is broken off and painful. NO treatment until the cleaning was done.

Now, when Ive had a standard cleaning in the past, almost no plaque or buildup was found because Im an avid flosser, so I questioned the need for this deep cleaning. By the way, have you checked the cost of dental insurance for seniors????

My complaint is that information about their unusual and unbelievable payment requirements was NOT offered in advance. Also, the idea that a dentist refuses to do necessary procedures unless a very expensive cleaning is done. Silly meI thought that if you went to a dentist to have a filling or tooth extraction done, thats what you got without having other procedures forced on you.

Also.I didnt know that a dentist cant/wont do extractions.

Aspen Dental has a specialist come from out of town only once a month to do extractions. Who knew???

Is it just me????

Karen Hornell

203 Murtagh Hill Rd.

West Chazy, NY


User's recommendation: Get the facts on procedures before you arrive.

Preferred solution: Payment at the time of service rather than insistence of payment before procedures are done and no insistence on procedures that are not wanted. Note: I am more than willing to pay what's owed at the time of service..

Aspen Dental Cons: Lack of flexibility.

Location: 474 State Route 3, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

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#1 Aspen scam- deny any necessary treatment until a patient agrees to expensive scaling and root planing, whether needed or not. Go to crooks instead of an honest independent dentists, and you will be scammed and cheated.

No surprise there. Best to leave this sleazy clinic and start over somewhere else.


I hate that you went thru this. you didn't say if you got the deep cleaning done or not?

I hope for your sake that you didn't! Never pay for a service that you haven't received, and never let anyone bully you into doing anything you dint want to, or feel is neccessary.

Check reviews of places you are considering before making an appt. Good luck in the future.


Had you read the reviews on here PRIOR to your visit, you could have avoided all this.

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