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I would never recommend this place to anyone, I have never felt so frustrated and robbed. Three weeks ago I had an emergency due to a very strong pain in a tooth that extended through my jaw, my head and ear, when I looked online for an emergency dentist all I could find was Aspen dental, to all the numbers I called They redirected me to them, when I went to see them they told me that I had an infection in a root canal and that I had to wait the 10 days in order to see the specialist, they sent me home with out antibiotics or pain killers they only suggested me to take over the counter Tylenol , The made me pay $600 in order to see the specialist in advance that was going "to replace", I am Colombian and I have a trusted dentist in my country, when I called him and sent him the x-rays, he could not believe the medical negligence and he recommended that I should travel immediately so he could safe the teeth as soon as possible, unfortunately I had already pay the 600 in advance in the mis of my despair (I payed more than what a ticket to my country would cost) every day that passed was torture, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't work, I couldn't do anything at all and the medicine stopped working, I called them and their only recommendation was to increased the amount of Tylenol and take it every two hours, another medical negligence since taking that amount of Tylenol for ten days will damage the liver, so I went to see a different dentist to be able to get a prescription for antibiotics and pain killers in order to be able to control the infection and wait, The worst part was when the day to "solve the problem" arrived, when I went to see the endodontist, everything started from scratch as if I were a new patient and the guy had no idea of my emergency, due to lack of attention the infection had spread so much that it was no longer possible to change the root canal, they had to either remove my tooth or have and expensive surgery.

It felt like they didn't prescribed me any antibiotics in purpose in order to make me pay for a surgury with no mercy.

I was going to have to wait almost a month to receive any treatment, from the frustration I started crying and I guess that finally someone felt sorry for what I was going through and the endodontist was the only person that was honest and try to provided any help, he finally prescribed me some pain killers and strong antibiotics, he also try to contact someone who could make the surgery that had nothing to do with Aspen because apparently he is aware that they are mediocre and thieves, in the end I'm traveling to Colombia to get treated since here I could not get a specialist, with those 600 dollars that I paid for a terrible service I would have paid my ticket and part of the treatment in my country and avoid all the frustration and the pain I had to go through. I wish they were honest from the start, not wasting my time or putting up with so much pain for so long

User's recommendation: Do not waste your time and money.

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

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The moral of your story is to have a trustworthy and competent dentist you use on a regular basis, NOT JUST WHEN YOU HAVE A TOOTHACHE. If you are a regular patient of such a dentist, he or she will help you out if you get in trouble in an inopportune moment.

I will be honest with you. I have been in private practice a long time. Toothache patients who only come in for emergency are a dime a dozen. They never make good patients.

Nobody wants to go out of their way to help these irresponsible people. That being said, even if you go to a slimy outfit like A$pen on a regular basis, they won't go out of their way to help you in an emergency.

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