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My husband went to aspen dental in Pickerington Ohio. He had to have all of his teeth extracted and fitted for a full set of dentures.

What a life changing disaster. My husband came home pouring blood from his mouth that was stuffed with a pair of temp teeth that were so big he couldn't even shut his mouth. After removing the temps he found it looked like they pulled his teeth with a jackhammer not surgery. He took over a year for his gums to heal and stop pulling large shards of teeth from his gums.

We returned and had teeth made that still did not fit at all. My husband looked awful, like a bad joke. He couldn't even shut his mouth and close his lips. He looked like a parana and the pain was awful.

Aspen kept trying to make them fit and stuff them in his mouth and send him on his way. We told them day one they wouldn't work and they ignored his protest. We finally told them after several visits that we wanted the teeth replaced so they took them to the lab and once again didn't fix the problem. My husband saw a different dr.

There who said the teeth were completely wrong in many ways and needed replaced. We called to get them replaced and they refused and tried to charge us to replace them saying they were tampered with. (Untrue) My husband is so stressed and and unhappy now he has lost over 50 pounds and had a massive heart attack. He doesn't want to be seen or talk in public.

We are trying to come up with the money to replace the teeth because our insurance won't pay for the replacement.

I guess were just screwed. content://media/external/file/148192 ccontent://media/external/file/14819

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The poor guy ; I have ten tons of sympathy for him.

I wish it could help.

I could go for the 50 pound loss but not at that level of agony.

What a sad and miserable story.

Makes me want to assemble an angry mob and chase those guys out of town like the villagers vs. Frankenstein.


That was probably the first full mouth extraction that kid right out of dental school did. Aspen encourages this and also to use every person who goes in there as a test subject.

Aspen's ex-mcdonald's manager is the dentist's boss and slave driver who calls the shots. Total danger to society.


Sorry to hear of your husband's problems. Making dentures that look good and function well is one of the hardest things we dentists do.

It takes years to get good at it. The chance of a young dentist at a chop shop like A$pen fabricating good dentures is about the same as the chance of you travelling to Saturn in a Ford Escort.

It is almost never that I cannot save at least a couple of teeth. That makes a denture a whole lot more stable. Also the way to do it is extract the teeth, WAIT at least 3 months for healing, THEN start denture fabrication.

At least the resulting dentures will be stable when done that way. When patients DON'T do it this way, chips of bone surface through the gums and hurt like heck when the dentures touch them.


Your husband needs to see a real dentist who is in private practice, not the Dr. Poorwork usually employed by a dental mill like Aspen. You should be able to work out the financial arrangements with a good dentist.

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