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Let me start by saying that I am a professional Corporate Trainer who travels the country to train large companies and HR on Client Experience and Corporate Retention. I have never been upset enough to go directly home to write a review on any service in my life.

I am new to Baltimore. I chose this Dental service based on a friend's review and their commercials.

1st visit with X-rays- Cool no complaint!

2nd Visit for Extraction-Good. No complaint!

3rd Visit the office admin tells me that I have to pay 220.00 (approx) for service. I was coming for a filling that cost 26.00 out of pocket.


BACKSTORY: On the second visit I was told my out of packet visit for the extraction was $192 (approx) which I paid in full. Cool. A few weeks later I then called back for an appointment for a filling for $26. I was told then that my insurance kicked back $33.40 for part of the exam/x-ray and $148 for the extraction?

I was not notified of this by mail or phone call. I then called my insurance company who advise they (ASPEN) were quoted what the insurance company will pay. I was advised that Aspen cashed the check given to them for my service. I called back and advised the office manager of what my insurance company said, she then advised she would open a case with their "dispute" dept to investigate.


A week passes by and I show up for my appointment where I am told they didn't get a resolution as of yet and I should pay $220 or I would be denied service for the day. I didn't come prepared to pay or with a credit card that would cover $220.00 I came with $60 cash in my pocket to pay for the filling and overage for the Xray. ($26 + 33.40). I was also advised by my insurance that my portion should have only been $152.70 which included by $50.00 deductible.

Was I overcharged by ASPEN? Seem so per my insurance company.

I ASKED THE OFFICE MANAGER CAN I BE BILLED? Before I could offer another solution (such as can I call in the payment when I got home) she said "NO..We don't bill customers". She advised I could not be seen.

With that cold non-communicative response, I advised her to "cancel my appointment"...her reply...FINE". Nothing else in the form of offering a better client experience, offering an alternative, caring that I was in pain...nothing. With that said I will find another Dentist. Very disappointed.

This review is not a slight against the Dentist...I am sure they are great.

The business practice needs more work. I had to then go to CVS and purchase a temporary Cap and Crown cement to fill the hole in my tooth that is causing pain. What a horrible experience. I don't know who is wrong and who is right as far as my insurance and your staff....

but what I do know is how horrible to set someone out without service in pain. I have insurance, I have paid before, I am not skipping town....You have to have better alternatives and practice in place. What happened to the customer always being right?

What happened to the client experience? What happened to CARING SERVICE?

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 10010 Reisterstown Road, Owings Mills, MD 21117

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You are educated (I guess) to be a corporate trainer coach. You know the corporate world inside and out.

Yet instead of going to an upstanding dentist who owns his own practice, you choose a sleazy chain clinic owned by a hedge fund that employs dentists right out of school for low wages???? Are you crazy??????

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