Abbeville, South Carolina
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Went to my local Aspen Dental for a routine cleaning and afterwards young dentist just fresh out of school examined my teeth and recommended that i needed all kinda work on my teeth which i had no cavities and any problems but i simply disagreed with him about the amount of dental work he wanted to do. Afterwards i received a letter from the manager and the young dentist that i was banded from visiting any and all aspen dental offices in the whole U.S.

, I mean i can't go to any Aspen Dental office anywhere . After 2 years now i still can't go to any aspen dental office anywhere because of a simple disagreement with a young dentist . Aspen Dental is a huge ripoff , so beware folks don't ever disagree with a manager or dentist cause you will get banned for life.

Aspen dental is a joke and never will i go back again. Horrible experience !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Reason of review: disagreed with young dentist about unnecssary unneeded dental work.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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They want and love young dentists. They are easier to bend into aspen's way of running scams.


Being banned from Aspen Dental is like being banned from Hades by Satan. Not really a bad thing at all, unless you happen to LIKE being ripped off and mistreated.

Of course they recommend things that are not needed. I had a young college student in my office who had never had a cavity in his life.

I examined him and took x-rays. He had no decay on any teeth, yet the local Aspen chop shop wanted to put THIRTEEN fillings in his mouth!


I agree with this comment cause Aspen Dental is nothing but a scam and huge ripoff. They always suggest or recommend unnecessary and unneeded dental work.Never will i go back to Aspen Dental ever again.