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i went to the denist because i was having a problem with my front teeth

there is a cavity that join both teeth the denist came in and told me a was going to get three fillings i said how much was all that going to be because i needed my front teeth done first he came back and said i could get them all done with no co pay he started drilling in the back first and left the one with the worst cavity undone then told me i ran out of credit but put a filling on it but it needed a root canel then the assistant put fillings in two bottom teeth and didn't fill the top one he had drilled and left that one exposed which he still hasn't made right SO MEANWHILE IM IN ALOT OF PAIN and still waiting to see the denist and i still can't see him again until six days later. and dont know if he is going to make this right. T Dalton

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Please contact me about this review. I am writing an article about a woman in Manteno who apparemtly has had to EIGHT root canals because of what they did to her.

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