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I failed to add that eating solid food has not been possible since the nightmare began in January. & during yesterday’s visit , the ill fitted denture was cracked in three places but still placed in my mouth to wear which is impossible.

I called & was told I could bring it & leave it & it could possibly be repaired unless the warranty had expired. (Again.. The dental facility broke it...) Plus... there is no way that I will depart my home without teeth in my mouth.

I refuse to be seen toothless by anyone. I’m more that horrified.

Original review posted by user Jul 26, 2018

Probably the worst experience of my life.

When I went to my first appointment for two lose teeth, the lady that did the X-ray, told me that all my teeth were to be pulled.

I disagreed.

The dentist later told me that it would be less expensive in the long run if I allowed all my teeth to be extracted.

I clearly stated that I only wanted the lose teeth pulled.

I assumed that a partial would be my choice to replace the teeth that were lose.

When I arrived for the extractions, I was told again that I was scheduled to have all my teeth extracted.

I became extremely emotional & the dentist came to the front & discussed the procedure with me, telling me about the expense.

Again.. I clearly explained that I DID NOT want my teeth pulled.

He agreed to do, as I wished, although he advised strongly about the cost.

The dentist suggested that I cancel & make another appointment due to me being so upset & him staying on schedule with the other appointments of the day. Again he agreed to only remove the loose teeth on my next visit.

He prescribed 3 valiums for me to take before my visit.

I followed the instructions given to me.

1 Valium before bedtime, another when I woke up & the last was to be taken on my way to the appointment.

While waiting in the dentist chair, I pulled one of the lose teeth.

I was completely numb.

The dentist came in & the assistant was talking a lot.

I was very drowsy & numb.

After a little while, the dentist walked out of the room without a word.

The assistant handed me a bag & asked if I could walk.

I was very light headed but did my best to stand.

She wished me well & as I was walking away, I rubbed my face to check the numbness & realized I had blood running down my cheek.

I quickly turned & asked for a paper towel.

The assistant handed me one & rushed me out the door.

When I got in my car, my mouth was so numb, I couldn’t feel with my tongue.

I looked into my rear view mirror to find that the dentist had pulled/cut out all my upper teeth.

I broke into tears, absolutely devastated.

In the bag that was provided to me was a denture, a very genetic denture that I was supposed to wear.

I made it home.

My entire life has been damaged by this experience.

I’m forced to wear this generic denture for 6+ months.

Even though the dentist promised to have another denture made to resemble my real teeth, until it was time for the permanent denture to be made.

The promise was broken. I made several attempts to make an appointment for the promised denture but was refused an appointment each time, telling me that, I had to wait until 6 months had passed.

In May, I was feeling desperate, I called to complain/cry ect.

I begged for an appointment & was put on hold & then the call was ended without answers or an appointment.

An hour later, I received an automated call from Aspen &

finally after the 6 months, I was given an appointment for December 26th.

Being extremely upset, I called the office again , demanding a visit within the week instead of waiting 7 more months for the December appointment that I had been given moments earlier.

I was given a time & date.

During the visit, I explained my anguish & frustration, the dentist told me that , I would have to wait & get the permanent denture.

The earlier promise was dismissed.

Again I left in tears.

My next appointment was yesterday.

I arrived & was quickly told that I owed another amount that was close to $800.

keep in mind that it’s already cost close to $2,000.

While there, I needed a liner for the generic denture because it falls from my mouth if I try to speak.

I got the liner but the generic denture was broken in three places but still placed in my mouth to wear. I’m in a terrible predicament.

The first two photos were taken the morning of my first appointment.

The send is after the appointment. The third shows the non fitting denture supplied by Aspen.

Again.. I’m beyond devastated.

I would have never, in all my life agreed to have had my mouth mutillated. This is irreversible & I pray no one else will ever encounter such misery.

Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentistry Doctor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is an excellent reminder for that we ALL need to have a witness/advocate with when going in for proceedure. Also, ALL instructions/agreement ts must be put in writing and signed by the dentist, the patient & the advocate!!

What a NIGHTMARE!!! I wonder about the strength of those valium tablets?

to FamousBorderTerrier780 #1698835





You are as ignorant as ASPEN!!! No human wants this to happen.. Plus nothing has been FREE!!!!!!


Premium???? I now have blisters on my lip, the DENTIST microwaved wax & burnt my lip...




Newest update; Wow! I see that this will never be right.



to Anonymous #1536391

What are you talking about?

to Anonymous #1536417

How in the world can you say/type false...? I’m not competing with anyone, I was totally railroaded.. I’m sure you can see my pictures that I’ve posted.

to Anonymous #1539521

I agree, total competitor, false complaint. Reporting it ASAP

to Anonymous #1544239

Agree? With yourself?

Trolls need teeth too.

So. until this happens to you, be nice.

to Anonymous #1638245

Go back to work at Aspen Dental Anonymous!

to Anonymous #1638243

That’s why you are anonymous Right !?!?


You did a good thing if you provided them these old photos of your old smile. It gives valuable evidence for correct tooth position and size.

I wish more patients could provide me photos like yours. Those front denture teeth are much too short and the flange (pink part) is way underextended. The problem may have been they did not reduce enough bone to make room for the right sized teeth. This is what makes fabricating dentures so incredibly difficult.

One miscalculation and the patient is unhappy.

Yours was a tough case to get right esthetically. There is no chance a corporate mill like Aspen using young dentists could have gotten it right.

to ClydeDDS #1536394

Thank you but... I’m wondering..

What in the world, do I do now?

I’ve already paid Aspen a ridiculous amount of money.. :(

to Myra #1537252

The only thing they understand is legal action and bad publicity. Demand a refund.

If they refuse, take the photos to small claims court. They sometimes settle if they see a lot of bad publicity and/or a court case.

Sometimes they settle if the demanded amount it $5000 or less. But they will try to dicker you down to a pittance.


If they extracted ALL your teeth without a written consent authorizing that, they are in big trouble. Immediately ask them for a copy of your informed consent.

If there is none, or they forged your signature, they are in big trouble. Also it is not appropriate to ask a patient to sign an informed consent when they have been tranquilized. You are right. Your denture is pretty stupid looking.

The teeth are way too short.

It is very, very difficult to get a patient adapted to an immediate denture or partial. That is why it is so important to save your natural teeth.

to Seasoned Dentist #1536397

Believe me... I wouldn’t have taken a million for my natural teeth.

I’m just in a terrible mess. Since my last visit, this “thing” in my mouth has broken in 4 different places & 2 teeth have fallen off.

I’ve glued & glued.. :( It’s all horrible...

to Myra #1539731

When the bone is under-reduced, the pink plastic is too thin. When the plastic is too thin (and when it doesn't fit the tissue well) it breaks.

A lab reline might make it durable, if no more attractive. Unfortunately, most dentists would have to charge at least $400 for that.

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