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I had a set of dentures made at aspen Dental in Cartersville Ga in 2018. I made several trips about every 2 weeks for several months. It is about 40 miles round trip. I cannot use these dentures because they do not fit properly & cause me a lot of pain.

I paid $2,050 for the set & requested a refund on several occasions but the only thing I got was them grinding the dentures each time which did not fix the problem. I really think my set was mixed up with someone else's set & my name put in the wrong set.

I even saw Dr Parish who was supposed to be an owner of the facility.

The last time I called to make another appointment I was told they would not assign me an appointment because I had to cancel a couple times.

I am 100% disabled and explained this to the staff that it was difficult for me to even come to the business. When I couldn't get out of bed I called to cancel. That was my only reason for cancelling.

The lady who was supposedly in charge of the office was very rude to me They do have some very kind people who work there. Harley was always nice & the guy who actually made the dentures was nice. Others were nice but I don't have their names. The lady who made the impressions had a very hard time getting the impressions.

There should be a law against not being able to get refund as they are supposed to be guaranteed. I have tried repeatedly to use these to no avail.

One lady who tried to make the impressions pulled my mouth so wide I thought it was going to split wider.

She did that several times.

Pls help me get a refund if you can.


Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2050.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aspen Dental Pros: Harley, Some of professional and admin staff, Receptionist.

Aspen Dental Cons: Length of service.

  • Awful Office Manager
  • Incompendent Service
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Dr. Patel does NOT own the office.

A bunch of Wall Street shysters employed by Leonard Green & Company LLC owns all the Aspen clinics. Look, I know $2050 is a lot of money to you. But making good dentures is very complicated. In my office, a set of upper and lower dentures costs $3500.

They are worth every penny. They can be relined every few years and last for twenty years or more. With the money you wasted on gasoline going back and forth to Aspen, you could have gone to a competent dentist in your area. Don't know what to tell you.

You trusted TV ads and got fleeced. I'll bet there are plenty of dentists in Cartersville that could have made comfortable dentures for you.


I was told to see Dr. Parish.

It was not Dr. Patel as you stated. I was told Dr. Parish or the other owner were the only ones who could issue a refund.

I saw him two times & he took the dentures to another area & then brought them back to me. I tried to make another appointment to see him but was told I would have to be worked in because they could not give me another appointment.

Aspen Dental was highly recommended by someone who had used their service previously. Are you going to do something to help me or not?


Nobody but a licensed dentist can take final impressions for a denture. If an assistant took final impression for the dentures, they violated the law.

Not that it matters at Aspen Gyp Joints Inc. Parish, Patel, Pirrhanna- NO dentist owns Aspen clinics. Dentists are merely front men to make the clinics look legal to the State Board. Any money you paid went straight into the Aspen corporate dental account.

No dentist working in an Aspen Office has signator power over the corporate account. They could not write you a refund check if they wanted, unless it was out of their PERSONAL bank account. Tell the person you know that recommended these shysters that he is a moron.

The threat of a lawsuit is the only way Aspen victims get any money back. Time to lawyer up I guess