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I accidentally broke my partial which took 4 hours inone day to get comfortable enough to wear.I took them to be repaired and they no longer fit.

They were too big, did not fit up against my gums and I could only eat soft food. So, they made a new set which I am sitting in the exam room with now, in my mouth and it's way too big and they tell me they can't cut it down. I wish I had never gone to Aspen. I only chose them because they offer financing but wish I had never heard of them.

I am miserable and highly upset.

Dont go to Aspen for dentures.You will be sorry.


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You don't need to Aspen Corporate *** Show Clinis to get financing.The majority of private dental offices offer financing by CareCredit or Lending Club, which are superior to the rip-off financing Aspen offers.

Here in Dallas I offer both in my practice.

Repairing a plastic breakage accurately on a partial is not terribly difficult. I do it all the time. But making a new partial is. You cannot do it in one day.

It takes 4 appointments minimum.

Bet you insisted on a new one in one day and they gave you the only thing they could, which was cr@p.

All I could make you in one day would be a cr@p partial as well.

Maybe a decent private dentist can reline your Aspen cr@p partial so you can use it.Don't even hope to think Aspen can make it better.

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