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Aspen dental in Middletown is were I started out looking for implants. I had my free exam, told I could get them done there and immediately led to the office manager where she told me it would be 19,000 dollars and lowered it to 16,000 when I said I couldn't pay that much.

i had to use 3 different credit cards and I have receipts. I was never told how they do the implants( assumed with the high price I would have been put to sleep or laughing gas)

with was 5/8/2017. never showed me other dentures they used, just gave me the cheapest with no ridges so I was told they dont do that anymore as that do not help with speech or eating. Day of implants, and the pain of the needles was horrific, then, I was told the top rt.

fell out and they would have to wait 8 months to to have a graft. I was charged for 4 grafts and needed one. In the meantime, Dr.P. Modi, who owns all of the Aspen's in Dayton, Ohio, moved to another location 45 min.

from home. I called several places and was told I had to use P. Modi. he had to hear from someone that I that I was trying to get someone closer.

Went to his office and before the x ray, he numbed me up so good I didn't go down til next day and x ray showed it was too early to do the implant. that over, I had to wait 4 months and he did the grafting and implant . The implants are crooked on the top, and if you tell Modi he is very arrogant and do not want to deal. he has caused me for a year and a half not to get a job, not to go places where I have to talk as the teeth fall out,pain and suffering, wrinkles from having to *** teeth up all the time and a hatred and mistrust of dentists.

I look like a freak and once again, Dr. Modi has moved to Troy, Ohio which is at least an hour and 10 minutes. he is always working behind me and I am very uncomfortable. The last time I went to see him, my bottom dentures were loose so i told him and it was 500 dollars to tighten them.

can you please help as we are considering bankruptcy. 17,000 all together to have another dentist took x rays that clearly show the implants are uneven.

Thank you for listening and dr.

Modi has to understand its to help those in need, not a corporation. Joan Dent

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Preferred solution: I feel Aspen dental in Dayton, Ohio needs to be shut down. Dr. Modi is all about getting money and not the health of the person. My implants are put in one high and one low and I do not trust or like him as he never explains anything. I need help. Please .

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Joan, Dr. Modi didn't "own" or run ANY of the Aspen Dental Gyp Joints.

They are all owned by a group of Wall Street investors, Leonard Green & Partners LLC. Google it if you don't believe me. Darn, looking for implants at Aspen is like looking for a turbofan engine overhaul at Jiffy Lube. Yours wasn't much of a plan, was it?

You need a reputable, experienced, honest dentist to do an implant case. Not a fly-by-night dentist who flits from here to there like a hummingbird. It is easier to do something right from the get-go than redo something another dentist has screwed up.

Don't know what to tell you. Never believe ads you see on TV again.

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