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Had my remaining teeth extracted in preparation for dentures(no lecture necessary from Seasoned Dentist...not all denture situations are caused by neglect). Got my temporary dentures immediately.

Followed all the instructions given by the dentist. Everything went pretty well for the first week when I did not use adhesive. Upon using adhesive I found that I had a back tooth on the lower denture that was curved up and a high spot on my gum that was not ground down. Between those two factors the denture constantly rocked and would not stay secure.

Went back for adjustments and had to almost beg to get them to make a new temporary denture. I even offered to pay for it. They did make the new temporary at no cost to me. 2nd denture was almost worse than the first.

It was so large in some areas that I was constantly biting my lips across the front of my mouth. The impression was perfect both times but the denture was not made correctly, teeth protruded way over the ridge of the gum. They did fix that but then they moved the teeth back too far and I had no bite because the bottom teeth did not line up with the top teeth. I really had the feeling that this was being done purposely because I did not just accept what I was given.

I was assured by the regional manager that when I returned for my permanents that they would make sure that I would be satisfied with the end result. First appointment for impressions went fine. My appointment for 3 weeks later was canceled because the wax bite was not ready yet. I arrived for my next appointment (after driving 90 minutes to get there) and was told the dental technician who makes the dentures was sick and was not there to do the wax bite.

Could of been done by the dentist, even the regional manager agreed. At that point I had had enough and decided I wanted a refund for monies spent on dentures. I did receive my full refund with 2 weeks. This was a cash job, no insurance or credit needed.

In my opinion they have a lot of angry, over worked people working at their locations. All of the assistants were great. The dentist and the lab tech had attitude problems in my opinion which affects all others working with them. My opinion management is the problem at these locations.

I have added a picture of both sets of temporary dentures they made. 2nd set on left, first on right. My purchase was for the Comfilytes, wanted to make sure I got the best denture with the best fit. I cut my losses(not knowing if I would ever receive my refund) and went to a privately owned dental establishment.

1 appointment for the impression, 1 for wax bite, last was to receive my new dentures.

Never even had to go back for any adjustments. World of difference at the same price!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I liked: Assistants.

I didn't like: Dentist and lab tech.

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Sad to say, Aspen's "best" Comfylyte dentures are not as good as the worst dentures the average dentist makes on a bad day. The flexible nylon material is inferior for a lot of reasons.

It is hard to adjust and virtually impossible to reline. The material doesn't bond well to denture teeth so the teeth frequently fall out.

Darn right the dentists who work at Aspen are angry. They have huge student loans to repay, are overbooked with patients, and harrangued by Aspen managers all the time to bring in more money. They are expected to do great dentistry, but don't have all the instruments and materials they need to do a job.

Temporary dentures usually don't work.

Prosthodontic textbooks advise extracting ALL the back teeth, and letting the bone heal for at least 3 months before taking impressions for dentures. When a dentist extracts back teeth and immediately crams a new denture in, it has nothing stable to rest upon.

to ClydeDDS #1413597

Thanks for your comment, my remaining teeth left to be extracted were 7 front bottom teeth. Back teeth had been extracted 15 years prior.

The impressions

were great even after 6 months of waiting to get permanents. The problem was the process of making the denture was very bad.

to Anonymous #1413832

There are SIX front teeth, not seven- 2 canines and four incisors. You must have had a premolar extracted as well.

Would have made a world of difference in denture stability if you had saved the canines, done root canals and ground them off even with the gums, for an overdenture.

You are right. At Aspen as well as other corporate outfits the process of making dentures IS very bad- because many shortcuts are taken, and the poor young dentists are not scheduled enough time for doing it right.

But in the end, I am happy you found a dentist who made a denture you liked.

to ClydeDDS #1414423

I also had the same experience. Could I have the name of the Dentist you went to. I am nervous to go anywhere.

to ClydeDDS #1414566

Sherbear as I said in my review I believe it is more of the management group that is the problem so naming the dentist would really prove nothing...maybe he was a good dentist in a bad situation. If you are nervous than it may be better to go to a private practice where the dentist is able to take extra time with you...just a suggestion.

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