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I went to aspen back in March had all of my upper pulled and got a denture. Went back the next day for the check up told me to take it out that night before I went to sleep.

As I did. Next morning temp denture didnt fit. I wasn't able to get it back in for 2 and a half weeks!! They did a soft reline which left me gagging and chocking every time I ate or drank something!

I have not gone back in! I called the main building in NY and told them I just want my money back for the denture I want to go somewhere else. She said that was fine and she would call them and let them know and take my denture to them. I did and the lady said well we haven't talked to anyone in NY saying to give you're money back and we dont give money back for a temp dentutre and you won't come in for us to try and fix the issue...

Well why the *** would I want to come back in when all you're dentist did was screw my mouth up?!? The dentist that pulled all of my upper teeth broke my gum in the back that he had to stitch it closed and it left a huge hole in my gum... It is all deformed now. And when I did go back in the last and final time I told them I had a bone sticking out of my gum in the back that was hurting me to the point of where I couldn't smile laugh or eat anything...

They couldn't see it so all they did was pry around back there and flush the area... Didn't do a damn thing to try and help it! I ended up using some tweezers later that night and pulled a long bone out of my gum!! They also sent me home with a pain pill that had ibprophen in it...

I came home and was taking ibprophen. I about over dosed on it and ended up in the er with an I've due to the amount of pain and taking to much of the same medicine. I told them that and they said well you will only have pain for another day or so and we aren't giving you anymore pain meds! Im like really you just want to let me overdose and y'all only gave me one pain med and it hasn't even touched my pain!

My gums are uneven from not being able to wear my denture and the right side is so big from the teeth being pulled that a denture going over it makes me ball! They don't care about anyone but the money they get from them! It is now Nov and I haven't had teeth since March of 2017! I am only able to eat soft food as eating any hard food hurts beyond belief!!

Almost a year of dealing with this and I will probably die before I ever get teeth again... I don't even have the insurance I had when I went to them back in Mar...

I am screwed thanks to them! Melissa Forshee Missyforshee_19@yahoo.com 423-505-8669 I am interested in getting into the lawsuit against them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I had the same horrible experience. I don’t ever want to walk back into an Aspen office and I can’t get anyone to tell me how to go about getting a refund under their “guarantee”.

I have not gotten a straight answer, and I want at least the denture part of my $$$ back as I am attempting to start the process of getting implants with people who care about the whole person and The aesthetics not just how much money they can get out of each customer (we are far from patients). I have never experienced the type of pain that was inflicted on me by these barbarians.

I wish I had not been coerced into this when I went in for a cracked tooth and was given such a horrifying prognosis that I caved in and let them start their torture process of permanently ruining my face and my beautiful smile. Gone forever!


Yeah me to.I was put to sleep to get my wisdom teeth pulled and woke up and my behind was sore.

I called the next day and they said it was a routine protate exam w/no lube!

What is this all about?I am currently sueing them for malpractice.


Melissa, extracting front AND back teeth and putting dentures in immediately doesn't work very well. Here is how it is SUPPOSED to be done as taught in prosthodontic textbooks:


Extract all the BACK teeth and contour the bone. Wait AT LEAST 3 months for healing, so there will be a stable base for the dentures to rest on.

2. Carefully take impressions and bite records. Select teeth the same size and shape of the ones extracted.

3. Cut the teeth off the stone cast and ESTIMATE what the gums will look like after healing Have the lab fabricate dentures.

4. Extract the patients FRONT teeth, contour the bone, and sew them up. Insert the dentures.

If all these steps are taken, the dentures will fit FAIRLY well, but still need a reline within 6 months.

BIG mistake you made extracting all your teeth at once and having full dentures. Much better would have been to leave at least one root in each quadrant for overdentures to rest on. Even worse mistake to let a young, inexperience dentist in a one stop chop shop like A$pen do it. My guess is that now you will need some bone contouring/reduction.

At best, PERHAPS your temporary dentures can be relined to work. Don't hold your breath waiting for a refund from A$pen.


Aspen has your teeth and your money now. They do this craap to everyone. Good luck on the well deserved lawsuit against them.

to Anonymous #1396068

Thank you! I have the temp denture but I haven't even gone back so they can fit me for the real denture... I dont want to!

to Missyforshee_19 #1396265

You should get the local TV news station to blow up aspen dental's phone every day asking to do an interview on your treatment. Bad publicity will cost aspen dental lots of money.

The only thing aspen dental cares about is loss of $money$. Maybe then aspen will give your money back and expose the scammers and save your community from harm.


Here is a link to the class action lawsuit page, hope it helps. https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/aspen-dental-c361488.html

to Anonymous #1397663

Unfortunately, this lawsuit was posted on Complaints Board years ago. Not many lawsuits against these thieves are successful.

They got defending themselves from lawsuits down pat and patients seldom win. Aspen is a well-oiled money-grubbing machine.


I wish you would have checked this website before engaging Aspen Dental.

I've probably read as many complaints about them in this forum as any other single company that I can think of.

Unfortunately, your complaint sounds very similar to many of them.

I'm really sorry that you've had so much trouble.

It sounds absolutely horrible ( I've had more than my share of such things ) and I hope that once you've healed you're able to find a better solution.

Aspen is not a local company - they are a business consortium owned by persons you will never meet and have little contact with their patients / customers. Not to nitpick, but it's spelled "ibuprofen" just so you know your enemy ...

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